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ford fiesta radio adapter - John

I've got a '97 ghia fiesta and want to put a single din head unit into the car to replace the standard fit unit, which requires an adapter to blank out the space that will be left after removing the double din size unit.

the only problem is that ford tell me a wood effect adapter isn't available, and that i'll have to make do with a black one. i was sure a wood effect one was available, and i'm hoping it still is - putting a black panel on a wood effect dash will look really stupid.

all help appreciated.

Re: ford fiesta radio adapter - crazed idiot
find a big halfords and look through their catalogue
Re: ford fiesta radio adapter - Dave Etchells
My nephew works for Quicks here in Gtr Manchester and believe me, you can not get a wood effect panel. I know, as my wife has a Fiesta with my old CD player in it with the black plastic panel as you mention. To be honest it does not look that bad, especially if the the CD unit is a black finish. Besides it is not as if you sit looking at it. Maybe a factor like Halfords will do something more in tone with the dash but I would question its fit. The Ford part was only a couple of quid anyway.

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