Manual-diesel converted to auto ??? - scruffythedog118
does any-body know???

If I purchased a nearly-new DIESEL / MANUAL car (approx 1-2 years old) would it be easy / is it possible to have it changed to an automatic.?

I have been trying to locate another Diesel / Auto car and its like trying to find pink furry dice.....

Have got an Omega TURBO DIESEL AUTO but she finds it too big & heavy to drive so will be forced into selling, although I like the car, but my opinions DONT count!

will be looking for a diesel / manual probably around the size of a mondeo or laguna maybe even one of those skoda octavia\'s and hope I can have it changed to a AUTO.

Your comments much appreciated.....


Manual-diesel converted to auto ??? - Mark (RLBS)
What kind of budget are you thinking of ? It seems unlikely that converting a car will be more economic than waiting around for the right car.

For that matter, assuming that you want a diesel for economy reasons, then you're probably better off simply buying a petrol auto since it'll take you a long time to recover the money invested in a new gearbox if you're relying on fuel savings.

Are you sure she won't get used to the Omega ? I rather like them.

There was another thread a month or so ago on this subject, if I can find it I'll post a pointer here.
Manual-diesel converted to auto ??? - mlj
The Octavia just got more desirable with the news that it is now fitted with the PD 130bhp engine. Personally, I think having a diesel auto loses some of the advantages of the compression engine - ( performance, economy)- ....... unless it is an S320 of course!
Manual-diesel converted to auto ??? - Rob the Bus
Have you thought of a Citroen Xantia (late model) or possibly a C5?
Manual-diesel converted to auto ??? - Dizzy {P}
If I purchased a nearly-new DIESEL / MANUAL car (approx 1-2 years old) would it be easy / is it possible to have it changed to an automatic?

It will be a *very* expensive job to do yourself, and much more so if you pay someone else to do it.

Apart from the obvious things like gearbox and gear-lever, the gaer-lever console may well need changing, as might the propshaft, differential, ECU, engine/gearbox wiring loom and speedometer drive/sensor. The pedal box and flywheel will almost certainly need changing. Other things like the front end of the exhaust system may also be different.

Five or six years ago I converted my Triumph 2500 from auto to manual+overdrive. This didn't cost a lot as I already had most of the parts but it was far from easy.

As has been said, best bet is to wait for the right car to come along and hope that, in the meantime, the Omega auto becomes acceptable. It's a lovely car and should appear to become smaller and lighter as time passes and familiarity increases!


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