The Most Generous Trader In The World? - Rob the Bus
During my daily perambulations and perigrinations, I regularly pass a motor trader in Bamber Bridge (just south of Preston). He has a wide selection of vehicles in stock all of which, I have to say, look spot on.

Last week, he had a 'Y'-plate Fiat Multipla (don't know which engine/trim - hard to see that closely when you're piloting a bus!) in at £7495.

Today, that same car is £5995! How so? I know that the Multipla is hardly flavour of the year, never mind the month - it's the type of car that only it's mother could love! Having said that, I'd have one just 'cos it's different. Anyway, I digress (for a change!).

What I don't understand is how he could have reduced the price by £1.5k in the space of a week? Dodgy HPI report, anybody?????
The Most Generous Trader In The World? - Another John H

Lowering the tone of the place:
Grey import in a truly abymal colour, with Star ship mileage and "crocodiled" interior, being moved at cost rather than for profit??
The Most Generous Trader In The World? - king arthur
Might just want it gone so he can fill the space with something profitable. You have to be pragmatic sometimes.
The Most Generous Trader In The World? - DavidHM
It was cheap at the starting price though. If he wants the space that badly, why not just auction it? It wouldn't get much less than £6k and to judge by the prevalence of private buyers at auction mentioned on some posts, might even make more.

I reckon it's got to be out with the history, spec, mileage or colour - if not all of them - and he's hoping that he can make money on finance, a low p/x offer, or just that the punter won't notice in the rush to get a cheap Multipla.

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