BMW 320d - Compact - Pugugly {P}
Was lent one of these today whilst the 530d was in for a minor glich (rough running, traced to a ECU software fault). What a great little motor, certainly had plenty of poke and felt just as solid as its bigger brothers that I have driven, felt more like the 330d (character etc etc) than the 530d does. Read HJ\'s test when I got home. Sums it up.
BMW 320d - Compact - Morris Ox
Similar story with the straight 320d saloon, Pug. I've had a new ES version for the past few days and, while I take my hat off to the sheer grunt of the 330, I'd say that from the pay-your-own-way perspective the 320d is arguably the best 3 series there is.

Beaut of a chassis, great steering, solid interior, and a motor which has surprising amount of poke yet decent everyday economy.

Don't like the armrest, though; just gets in the way wherever you park it.


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