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I had the unfortunate experience of the front spring snapping on the offside front. Taking out the new tyre and alloy.

So after replacing the both front struts springs top mounts alloy and tyre, and costing me a weeks wages, as you can imagine I am a bit miffed. But what I wanted to ask your readers/members is... I read an article published by the AA regarding (Suspension Problems) this was talking about the front springs snapping and causing a lot of damage to your car, they also went on to say that some car manufactures had started to fit spring catchers to help/avoid this problem. So after contacting them about there article and getting nowhere I want to ask if anyone in the forum has any idea where I can obtain these items, Citroen Customer Care did not know about this problem of springs failing and did not know of any device to combat this problem, there must be hundreds if not more that this has happened to. So your forum is my last bet, hopefully someone must have heard of these or know where I can obtain them, they are just a cup that goes around the strut held together with 10 mm bolts.

Many thanks in advance


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Can't say i've heard of a spring catcher, although it does sound a good idea.

Springs breaking is very common these days. My last 3 cars have all had at least one break during my time with them, but i haven't had any other damage caused at the same time , I think you've been very unlucky with the associated damage.

I've heard 2 different stories around the very high failure rates of springs, speedbumps seem to be high on the list of factors and also poor quality or manufacturing of spring steel is another.

Makes me laugh when Citroen customer care say they have never heard of a problem with springs failing. I bet they also say that they have never heard of anyone having electrical problems with a Citroen!

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I'm pretty sure there was a recall on early Xsara Pics to fit spring cups, but they should have been fitted as std on a 2006 car. They're still available from Citroen - for a price...:

Part NumberDescriptionQuantityPrice excl. VATPrice incl. VATTotal incl. VAT

0000502810 FIXING KIT1.94 GBP 2.33 GBP 2.33 GBP

00005031E7CUP50.42 GBP 60.50 GBP 60.50 GBP

This won't prevent all spring failures resulting in a burst tyre of course, but it's supposed to keep the bottom end of the spring in place to prevent at least some of them bursting the tyre.

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I had a broken spring on a previous MOT. Garage said they usually saw a few a week due to potholes.


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