306 Dturbo starting - cf999
I bought a 96 306 dturbo with 43k on the clock with a genuine history - bills and MOTS from new. Just before i picked it up I had the dealer change the cambelt.

It now has 56k on the clock and has been serviced regularly. Ever since I got it it has smoked loads at startup although will catch and run fine at the turn of the key. The smoke appears bluish in colour but I can never tell the difference in colour in exhaust smoke. It doesnt use any oil(between 6k changes) or water. If its been warm and not fully cooled it has to crank a lot longer than when its cold before firing up.
Not starting until the plug light has been off for a few seconds used to help reduce smoke. It has new plugs / battery at 50k at a Pug dealer and this helped a bit but now no matter how long I wait after the light goes out it pumps out loads of smoke.

Can anyone help?. Could it be the cambelt replacement b4 I got it was done wrong?.

Cheers in advance...
306 Dturbo starting - Cambridge
Perhaps you are waiting too long after the preheater light has gone out - and they have cooled a bit?

When I had a Peugeot diesel, I turned the key immediately after the light went out.

If you are not using oil or water, it runs OK, and starts reliably - just don't look backwards after starting!?
306 Dturbo starting - Andrew-T
A D turbo that has done only 7-8K/year sounds a likely candidate for a thorough engine purge with conditioner. Maybe the injectors are a bit gummed up. What are the emission-test results from the MoT? 'Regular servicing' will not prevent the gumming up of injectors. Give it a good dose (100ml) of Forte (or any other diesel conditioner) followed by a ten-mile fast run - it can't harm it, and it may be loads better.
306 Dturbo starting - leatherpatches
I had a 98 Dturbo and it did this embarrasing puff of smoke every morning and evening for the 2 years I had it. Was getting worse towards the end and I never found out what it was. Had the glow plugs completely replaced, which helped for a very short time.

Some people said injectors, others said water leak somewhere. The neighbours got really fed up.

Have left diesel behind me now for latest car. Only the very best diesel engines can hold their own when compared to petrols (I have had several diesel cars now and still own one). My 306 had these smoky problems, only returned 38mpg and did not perform much better than a modern 1.4 Civic that I drove. 6k service intervals were ridiculous and the heavy lump of an engine went through front tyres in less than 10k miles - something that I was not prepared to put up with from a non-performance car.

Good luck with finding the problem. A quick search of these forums indicates that many others have the same unresolved issue. Also, good luck with the con-rods.

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