Bone Idle 306 - will1
My pug 306 1.4 S reg, won't start without throttle and stalls every two minutes when idleing.

It had a recent 60,000 main dealer service

It has had a new stepper motor and stills idles badly and stalls.

The dealer say "the ignition coil has failed, resulting in the failure of the ECU" and qouted £850 to repair it

Can a coil result in the damage of the ECU?

Is £850 reasonable or can it be done DIY?

Am I entitled for money back £140 for the replaced stepper motor as it has not solved the problem?

Thanks for any help in advance!
Bone Idle 306 - Robin the Technician
I think you are having the wool pulled over your eyes!!! An ECU either works or does not. I recommend a second opinion. If you have paid to have this problem fixed and its still there, then ask for a refund. £850 is extortionate for an ECU even if its not working. You can probably get an exchange unit through Partco and the cost will be considerably less.

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Bone Idle 306 - Big John
Is it running on all four cylinders, could simply be a plug or ignition lead. Some modern "diags" that just check the computer readings may not spot this simple old-fashioned fault. Was a faulty plug fitted at the service?

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