Auction Success - Jonathan {p}
Hi all

I just thought I would let you know that after ceaseless searching I have finally managed to secure the bargain that I wanted.

I have just bought a 98 'R' Mazda 626 with 103k (warrantied) with air con, cl etc for the princely sum of £1650 at auction today. the car itself is filthy, so needs a good valet. I will also change the oil, filters and timing belt asap, but otherwise is a good car, with no sign of bodywork or paint jobs and no big scratches or scrapes.

I have looked at all the guide prices (CAP, Glasses and Parkers) and all of them are above this price except for below average condition.

Is this a bargain?

Auction Success - midlifecrisis
Still really pleased with the 2000 'W' Renault Clio, 30'000m, FDSH, that I picked up for my wife at auction. Cost me the princely sum of £3000.
Auction Success - Burnout2
Depends on the extent and quality of the service history really -condition is about more than just bodywork. Is there a service book? Was it stamped at the correct mileage/age intervals? It's OK if main dealer servicing ceases after the warranty expires, but there should still be evidence of regular attention.

Assuming extensive SH and no expensive impending wear-and-tear related problems, it sounds like a lot of well-built, extremely reliable car for the cash.
Auction Success - Jonathan {p}

i couldn't check the history in detail, but it was enough for the selling dealer (lookers) to warrany the milage. The car is only 5 years old and has done an average of 20k per year, so that should be approx 10 services.

I will find out tomorrow when I go back and collect.

Auction Success - Jonathan {p}
I'm flattered, and by the king no less...
Auction Success - Jonathan {p}
I forgot to add that this whole site has been invaluable in assisting me in this purchase! From the car by car breakdown, which was a great help when deciding what car to get to the how to buy and sell cars, which gave me priceless info about how to go about buying the car at auction (I have spent a fair few days there lately, enough so that the auctioneers though i was trade and I didn't have to pay the private buyers premium) and also from all the contributors here. Thanks you very much.

My wife thanks you also, as now I have enough money left over to get her something nice too!

Auction Success - drbe
Which auction site was this?
Best wishes

Don drbe
Auction Success - Jonathan {p}
BCA Belle View, Manchester.

Tuesdays and Fridays.

Auction Success - Andrew-T
Jonathan - you must have been wearing the right hat.
Auction Success - Jonathan {p}
Burn et al

I have now picked up the car and given the car and docs a good going over.

2 owners, first for 2 years, last (lady) for 3.
The MOT was done in Feb 2003, so has loads to go.
The last service was done at 98k in February. The rest of the service history is good. Most stamps are present and there are a few service sheets with the car too. The oil is still quite clean after 5k in 3 months. Tyres have a few thou' left also.
I gave the car a really good clean (still needs a pro to get the dust and debris out of the nooks) and it has come up really nice.

Seats look like new, the last owner must have been a light lady.

All the bits work, windows, sunroof, air con. remote central locking, deadlocks. Alpine Cd player stereo too!

All in all it's a steal and I'm well chuffed.


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