Toyota Q car - P.Mason {P}
Can anyone tell me about a nice black Toyota coupe I saw on the A34 yesterday - badged 'Curren'?
Toyota Q car - THe Growler
Probably an import. The Curren was widely seen in Japan till they stopped making them in about ?1999?. Yes, they look neat.
Toyota Q car - Jonathan {p}
Was it a kit?

sorry, couldn't resist. Kit Curran - King of the Airwaves.

Early 80's sitcom about a naff dj (Dennis Lawson).
Toyota Q car - DavidHM
Looking at a couple of websites (just type it in Google, none of them are particularly good) it appears to be based on the mid 90s Celica blandmobile, with more conservative lights and a notchback body, a bit like a Nissan 200SX of the same vintage.

Not bad looking exactly, but surely not worth the hassle of importing? On the other hand, I've seen an imported Y (82/83) reg Mitsubishi Space Wagon and J plate bog standard Nissan March/Micras that someone decided were worth a trip half way round the world for.

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