Amount of cars owner - BMDUBYA
A friend of mine is 36 years old and has owned, for varying lengths of time, a total of 38 cars. He does not deal or work in the car retail industry, he has privately owned all of these cars himself.

Can anyone beat this?
Amount of cars owner - Richard Hall
I can. 35 years old, 45 cars and two motorbikes. There may be a couple of other cars I've forgotten, and I'm counting three Landies, a Herald and a bike, all of which I bought to break for spares, but even if you leave those out, it still puts me ahead....

Oops, forgot about the Vitesse I bought to restore, and ended up shovelling into a skip. That's 46.....

Richard Hall
Amount of cars owner - Morris Ox
Do Dinky toys count?
Amount of cars owner - frostbite

Have you received any of my emails Richard?

(apologies for interrupting thread)
Amount of cars owner - blank
No, my wife won't let me!
(And I'm only 31.)
Amount of cars owner - glowplug
Since passing his test 21 years ago my brother has owned and run over 250 cars. However most of these were of banger quality. Currently he owns 6 vehicles of which he's running 5.


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