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I am currently going through the court after my VW Sharran 1.9 TDI dropped a valve after having the cam belt fitted (initially) incorrectly. I maintain that this damaged the valve which eventually failed. The garages defence is that even if the belt is fitted just 1 tooth out then the engine would lock solid. My question is: Can a cambelt be fitted 1 tooth out and the engine still turn over?

Thanks for any assistance.
Sharran Cam belt - daryld
I can't answer the question..but valves do not just drop out for good reason. The prime suspect is the belt timing.

Consider getting a statement from a diesel engine remanufacturer:'What can cause such valve damage on my engine which has covered XXXXXX miles?'.'In your exerience, do valves drop in VW Sharran engines with XXXXXXX miles?'Or how about: 'Is it possible that the dealer damaged the valve when refitting the belt (after turning over the engine); then reset the belt properly after realising their mistake?' This may be supported by how many miles you covered after the belt was fitted until the valve failed.

I think that a prefessional independant statment would be of more use.

Lets face it: If I was the technician working on your car and I started the engine and heard a clunk (or whatever) I would reset the belt timing and not tell anyone.

Good luck.
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You hire an independendent automotive engineer to appear in court as an expert witness. If you win he gets paid as part of your costs.
Sharran Cam belt - 547HEW
Dear Cabsmanuk,

"Can a cambelt be fitted 1 tooth out and the engine still turn over?"

Assume your question must refer to the VW 1.9 TDI engine.

The only sure fire way of finding out is to do a test on this type of engine, or find someone who has one stripped down at present, who can do the test for you.

I have done some "back of envelope" calculations based on 4 stroke car engine valve opening diagrams, and even at the highest rate of valve lift, I think the engine could be freely turned over with the belt one tooth out on the cam pulley.

But as I say, you will need to get this tested on your type of engine.

Hope this helps.
Sharran Cam belt - M.M
I do know of folks who have got in a hell of a muddle changing cambelts and managed to easily turn over their engines with a socket on the crank pulley....then they find the marks don't line up and call for help.

But as mentioned above hearsay is no good to you.

It needs someone who is willing to give a positive technical answer on headed notepaper that will stand in court.

Personally the only proof I'd accept, again as said in previous posts, is trying it myself with an identical engine.

Sharran Cam belt - Carl2
K Reg Passat Diesel will run with the pump and cam one tooth out in the same direction. Sorry I cant say for a more modern engine.
Sharran Cam belt - Carl2
Perhaps I should add the car had a turbo and is suspected to have done about 3000miles in this condition. It was investigated when the MOT test equipement showed up a smoke test of .9 (expecting a reading of up to 3.5 on turbo cars).
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If it's the same 1.9TDI as fitted to a 98 - 99ish Caddy van the engine will start and run with the pump one tooth out - badly. No damage is done (at low revs anyway). Don't know about the camshaft being a tooth out though.


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