Vauxhall Omega 96 2.0GLS Engine Problems - Daz
Hi, I bought 6 months ago an Omega for £2900 and have recently had problems of excessive oil consumption and power loss.

Having taken it to the main dealer they cleaned up a valve replaced a hose and replaced the cam gasket.

Since this has happened the car seems to have been smoking a lot and using a ton of oil.

I took it back again and was informed that the piston rings are probably knackered and a new engine would cost £2100!!

I love the car but have become very frustrated by this especially as it has only done 75k with a full vauxhall service history.

Has anyone any idea if this fault can be repaired or where I might find a cheaper recon engine in the essex/suffolk area?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Vauxhall Omega 96 2.0GLS Engine Problems - HF
Daz I'm sorry, this isn't help with your problem at all - but just a suggestion. When posting here, it sometimes takes a little while for the post to pass from your computer to the site. It's very tempting to assume the first post has failed, and to post again - but as you can see, that's usually not the case ;)

Hopefully someone will be along soon to help with your Omega question.


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