fiat bravo - jasper
I've got a w/2000 fiat bravo with a bonnet that's just decided it won't open using the lever inside.

Does anyone know how to easily open it from elsewhere?

All help greatfully received.
fiat bravo - Vansboy
Guessing it's the cable come adrift at the bonnet end, which means some poking about from underneath, with a screwdriver against the securing plate, within the front panel to try to release it.
Did you check the cable hasn't come off at the handle inside the car?If it has, you could use pliers to open it.
Also, if it feels as if there is some resistance, indicating the cable may still be OK, try GENTLY having someone pushing & pulling on the leading edge of the bonnet, while you are working the release handle.Might just need some WD40, if this opens it.



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