HELP! stalling on hills below 2000rpm Skoda Fabia mk2 1.6tdi cr - BlueFabiaDieselTDI1.6CR

Any advice really welcome please, thanks very much in advance.

I have to rev it over 2000rpm to get up hills or it stalls. And then I can't get back up without having to roll down to a flat road and happens as worse when the engine is hot

Last week the engine wouldn't start on hills when was very hot, then after changing the fuel filter, it was better but lots of juddering and loss of power up hills.

Thought cooling fan didn't come in but it did after 30min doing injector cleaning process after I did a liqui moly injector purge today but it made no difference.

After the engine cooled I just managed to get up a hill.

I guess a blocked air filter would not cause it?

Problems started after I ran the tank low but they cleared after about a month. Then this started happening out of the blue 2 months later. So I have just changed the fuel filter and done the injector purge but I don't know what to do now?

It has no service history except what i just listed. So no emissions fix whatever that is for (dpf?)

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HELP! stalling on hills below 2000rpm Skoda Fabia mk2 1.6tdi cr - RobJP

Are you saying the car has NO service history ?

The Mk 2 Fabia was stopped on 2015, so that means the car is 3 years old at a minimum.

It sounds like the DGR valve has failed, or is failing. These cars are notorious for it.

If you've got no service history (so thus out of warranty), and not had the emissions fix done, then the bill might be quite high ... it's not a quick or easy job.


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