Turbo diesel dump valves - Quinny
We all know it's possible to get dump valves for petrol turbo cars,but can you get them for turbo diesel's,like my Vectra,and if so,would the price be similar to it's petrol counterpart or as usual,would the diesel driver have to pay more because of that word,DIESEL?
Turbo diesel dump valves - Flat in Fifth
What I don't understand is why you want one? Presumably this is to make the noise?

On a petrol the purpose is to relieve the excess pressure when the throttle is closed when the turbo boost is high, eg upward gear changes.

But a diesel operates unthrottled, ie power output is varied by the amount of fuel injected and there is no throttle valve as such. So the need for a dump valve as opposed to a safety pressure relief valve is not there.


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