mx5 v mgf - cooperman_66
we may be getting one or the other dependant on job porgress... ie company car going back! With abot £6-7k to spend, which is the better deal for daily usage?
mx5 v mgf - Tony44
Have owned two MX-5s in the past - a Mk 1 and a Mk 2. I found the Mk 1 more to my liking BTW.

You obviously want a reliable car, which means the MGF is a non-starter ;-) Seriously, there is no comparison - sit in an MX-5 and then sit in (or on) an MGF and you'll find that even before you turn the key there is something more engaging about the 5.
It may not have the best quality interior, but it is comfortable, everything is where it should be and it just feels right. The car is perfectly balanced, is rear wheel drive and is superb to drive. I would (again) go for a UK model 1.8 - the post '94 1.6 is underpowered if you like to put your foot down.
There are loads about so it's worth taking your time looking for a one owner model with full Mazda service history. Mazda have always turned out plenty of special editions which might take your fancy - leather interiors, etc, special alloys, etc.

I must admit to missing the driving pleasure the car gave me and I don't rule out getting another one day.

Hope this helps. If you want more info let me know.


mx5 v mgf - cooperman_66
so is 5-0 to the mx5 then! Thanks for the tips, she has got the job so the search is on!
mx5 v mgf - martint123
No choice at all - mx5.
I got a 1990 with 110k miles for a song last year and am still smiling. They run for ever. Went for MOT a few weeks ago and the guy couldn't believe it was 12 years old.
mx5 v mgf - bartycrouch
I would be very wary about running an older MGF as a commuter car, check out the info in the Car by Car breakdown. A neighbour and work colleague has just sold his 25,000 W Reg MGF in the last week with *lots* of depreciation. He also had the dreaded Head Gasket Failure and wanted rid of it now the warranty has ended.

When the head gasket went he asked me for a lift to work. I told him what went wrong with the car before he told me.

mx5 v mgf - bafta
mx5 for all the reasons stated above and because its already an icon.
mx5 v mgf - T Lucas
MGF is OK for a poorly built kitcar but the MX5 is just about perfect at the job it sets out to do.MGF,loads of tears,MX5 loads of smiles.No contest.
mx5 v mgf - Maz
No contest indeed. Added to this, you'll get the best mark 1 MX5's, for that money, but you'll be near the worst MGFs. Check MX5 for:

Electric windows that go up and down smoothly and swiftly.
Crash damage (esp that pop-up lights work)
Clutch slave cylinder
Rocker cover that doesn't leak oil.
Aircon works (almost essential to have)

Get a good one and they really don't go wrong.
mx5 v mgf - martint123
This weeks Autocar has "Britains best drivers car under 15k" 25 cars tested and the mx5 was nr 1.
mx5 v mgf - Tony44
I wouldn't place too much importance on aircon - plenty of fresh air with the top down ;-) Also, it's a pretty rare feature in a UK market car. It is probably more useful for keeping the interior windows clear in the winter, but the 5's heater is excellent and the vents cope with the demisting well.



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