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Hi, I need to replace my front shocks and was looking around, not really knowing much about suspension will there be an appreciable ride difference between oil and gas shock absorbers? All anyone could tell me was "oil are cheaper mate".

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that'll be caused by the damage inflicted by all the speed bumps the council have put up, I'd buy same as you had before, and issue a small claims summons against the council for the cost, since their poor highway design has caused the damage...

worth the beer money to get them in court...
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I'd rather they spent the money filling in the pot holes. You don't realise how bad they are till you cycle over them on a hard saddle. Ouch!
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Hi Mark, Don't know where you've been to get such an intelligent(?) answer to your reasonable question. However, the answer depends on a number of things. Is the car currently fitted with gas or oil shock absorbers? If you don't know, a quick call to the local franchised dealer for your make of car will answer the question. Then you can probably get replacements at your local good quality motor factor, someone like Halfords, for instance, who may take your old ones for refurbishment.
If you want to uprate the car's suspension, then adjustable gas shock absorbers may be the answer. Again, take advice from a good motor factor or the franchised dealer. If uprating is what you want, then all other suspension components must be checked to ensure they can withstand the extra stresses and strains.
It'll cost ya too......................
Robin Ashwell
Re: Shocks... - Mark H
>It'll cost ya too......................

Don't like the sound of that!

As to your first question, Kwik Fit, must've been a bad day.

I wasn't planning on uprating the shocks, just getting them a bit more solid than they are at the moment will suffice! I think gas shocks are what's currently on there, so perhaps that's what I'll replace with! I was going to replace the tie rod ends and bottom ball joints at the same time as a preventative measure, is this worth it? As to the shocks, Bilstein seem to be the cheapest for gas so perhaps it'll have to be them!

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replace if worn out, replacing early won't prevent the new ones wearing out soon enough!
Re: Gas Shocks... - Stuart B
Bilstein cheapest on the block? first time I've come across that, Mark go for it. They are the business.

Just to clear up a small point, most people assume that gas shocks just contain gas. Not so the damping medium is still a column of oil. The shocker is split into two, an oil chamber and a gas chamber contaning nitrogen (usually) @ ~25bar with the chambers split by the piston.

The *main* purpose of the gas is to apply pressure to the top of the oil and prevent it foaming. The foaming is what happens when the shocks are working really hard, eg rough surfaces, ie roads around West Midlands, rally stages etc the oil gets hot, aerates or foams and then the damping quality is lost.

Its not really a better ride issue, which would be the case with proper air suspension, though there are some advantages of the gas chamber which gives the piston more movement possibilities which may affect the ride quality a little bit.

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