Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - THe Growler
Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - Morris Ox
Amazing. Premium quality, five-star, optimised puff.

And a follow-up feature on the fuel which powers Ferrari. Wonder what that is, then...

Presumably, part three of this riveting series will be 'How I learned to grimace at the punters while failing to switch the pumps on at South Mimms' (that or the Shell Guide to European Hotels).

Growler, I think we all owe you a real debt of gratitude for that one. That or a free subscription to The Sport for a year.
Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - bafta
He must have flown first class.
Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - THe Growler
Filipino-style is always very deferent towards the West and anything Western is considered superior. "Colonial mentality": they call it, from centuries of being in that state. 400 years of Spain then 80 of the US. This is very much reflected in the article's prose.

We still pay a fair price for gas tho' and the government is ruthless in making sure prices are rolled back every time the oil price subsides: there is too much politics and risk involved from letting it increase in a country where cheap privately run public transport is a must. Coups have been mounted in these islands for such things! UK could do with some of that by all accounts.

This iron grip keeps it around the equiv of 23p a litre although it has doubled in the last 7 years, but the the Peso has depreciated by half so that's a wash. Diesel 25% less. Long may that last. The cheapest brand is actually UniOil, a Japanese owned company oddly enough, while Petron, the gov't brand is 40% owned by Saudi Aramco, so that's all right then......

Always amuses me that you go into any of these fancy Shell Select or Total La Boutique shops at gas stations with immacualtely uniformed and courteous staff and buy a crate of beer, a bottle of gin or rum...just imagine how that would play in a less relaxed culture!

On the subject of the fancy fuels they mention, this Velocity sounds like your Optimax, I am certain that is a gimmick, I haven't noticed a blind bit of difference apart from the cost. I never check my gas mileage I must admit, but certainly neither of our 4 wheels nor the 2 wheelers show any power improvement, so I'll stick with the cooking stuff. Perhaps it's because they're all large engines anyway.
Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - blank

Thanks for that insight into Filipino excellence in Journalism. I loved the line,"Designing fuels is like cooking ham..."

Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - Morris Ox
No wonder my car drives like a pig. Or am I telling porkies?
Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - eMBe {P}
The new Velocity Shell is likely the same as UK's Optimax.

This is what they claim:

"Shell Optimax has the highest octane specification of any petrol in the UK. It is greater than 98 Research Octane Number (RON)."

"Put Shell Optimax in your tank and you'll put yourself in control. It improves your vehicle's responsiveness from the moment you start using it and the more you use it, the better it gets.

Any vehicle which runs on unleaded or super unleaded petrol can use Shell Optimax. So don't miss out - you'll never know what a difference it can make until you try it.

If you have any questions about Shell Optimax or other Shell fuels, please call our Customer Service Centre on freephone 0800 731 8888 or send an email"

Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - Alfafan {P}
I don't use Optimax evry time but about one fill-up in three. I generally use Shell or Esso unleaded between times.
I remember an article in Car Magazine or Evo showing the effects of 6 months usage of Optimax on three different engines, one new, one with medium mileage and one with a lot of muck in the pistons. The contrast between "before" ad "after" photos was impressive. Enough to convine me that a few pence extra wasn't a big price to pay
Filipino cynics visit Shell UK - THe Growler
We also have Caltex Vortex which is similarly supposed to work benefits. I guess I can't get over a lifelong scepticism when it comes to marketeers.....Glad y'all enjoyed the local writing style. I'll find some more from time to time,

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