Pssst! Guv, got a few bargains.... - THe Growler

(GBP1 = Philippine Pesos 82 approx).
Pssst! Guv, got a few bargains.... - DavidHM
He stressed that at a time when the government is facing a large budget deficit, it is almost criminal for importers to smuggle vehicles and other products and to undervalue them to evade payment of taxes.

Almost? So what actually would be criminal?
Pssst! Guv, got a few bargains.... - THe Growler
Welcome to the Philippines! He has to not offend his compadres in office who are among the main benefactors of such elasticity (as indeed am I, dare I say...)

Pssst! Guv, got a few bargains.... - Ian (Cape Town)
One of our local politicians {the chief whip of the government party!] recently got 5 years for 'buying' a Merc 4x4 for a silly price - like 40% of list ...
His contact in the defence sales mob, who were trying to secure a multi billion pound arms deal with the Hun, had 'made a deal' for him...
On a similar [non motoring] note, aunty winnie got sent down for 4 yrs for a white-collar bank fraud yesterday! Nice to see that our local politicians are following in the footspets of their UK counterparts archer and aitken ...
Pssst! Guv, got a few bargains.... - THe Growler
Well , "when in Rome" I was taught and that's the credo I follow, why kick against the pricks? :-)

Let's face it, the UK is just as replete with scams: cameras, congestion charges w.h.y. -- the authorities there are simply less honest about it and dress it up in some marketing garb fabricated by the Ministry of Thought to make it digestible to a compliant and obedient public. Here at least we accept fighting the authorities wherever possible and defeating them at their own game is not simply sport but a manner of honour!

There is an undercurent to this. The Japanese particularly, because of their stringent inspection regulatons which makes any vehicle more than 3 years old virtually obsolete, need a major outlet to get rid of otherwise serviceable vehicles or vehicles broken down as parts. The Koreans increasingly too. What better than to send 'em to the Philippines where everything is negotiable? Personally I'm all for free markets!

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