AA breakdown warranty - jud
I've had a letter from the AA offering a parts and labour breakdown service for £48 a year. It allows 3 claims a year to a limit of £500 each claim (vat inc)an excess of £25 is charged for each claim.
How does this compare to other warranties on offer?
AA breakdown warranty - IanT
If you check the small print, you will find that £48 only covers you for the cost of repairs following an AA recovered breakdown.

Quote: "Cover is for repairs necessary in the event of the unforeseen breaking or burning out (electrical) of an insured part(s) during a journey more than a quarter of a mile from home, or in a home start situation (where included as an optional extra with your membership), which prohibits the vehicle from safe movement, resulting in the deployment of AA roadside assistance and necessitating repair or replacement of the insured part(s) to enable the journey to be resumed."

AA also offer an insurance-based warranty for most mechanical and electrical repairs (but excluding wear and tear) for around £150 to £300 depending on the age of the car.

AA breakdown warranty - jud
Cheers Ian
I did pick up on the quarter of a mile thing. but was considering going for the home start. Extended warranties do seem a bit of a mine field.
AA breakdown warranty - Rojer
PS If you DO breakdown, take pictures before and after to help support a complaint. They damaged my Mercedes last year and after a very, very, lengthy process their expert examiner which they sent round said the damage was 'not neccessarily caused by the recovery process.'. I too can conclude this on all damage to cars!

And that was after making rude comments about the car's general condition. It WAS 19 years old and had done 350,000 miles for {BLEEP} sake!

They refused everything I suggested. Shame. All six members of our family used to use them ...
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