VW Passat pulling left - martin

was just wondering what kind of a problem my Passat might be experiencing. I was knocked quite hard on the left wing by another motor which made the steering wheel massively out of sink with the column and since then the car has always tracked off to the left unless i constantly hold the wheel to compensate. I have fitted new Michelin\'s since and do not want these to prematurely wear. What mechanical faults can my Passat have developed because of this accident? Can I fix these myself using a trusty Haynes manual and dedication?

Many thanks

VW Passat pulling left - chris2
I'd take it down to a local tracking place and get them to check it - at the very least the tracking been knocked out, but from description it could be somethings been bent.

get it checked - if they find something wrong, then you can decide if you can repair it yourself.
VW Passat pulling left - Smev
Take your car down a tyre garage - they will track your car and get them to balance it while your there or your tyres will wear unevenly and a lot quicker. Should only cost you £20-40 worth doing asap.
VW Passat pulling left - howy686
If your steering wheel has gone off a lot to one side after the thump, then I reckon something is considerably bent - maybe a track control arm/wishbone or something.
Probably goes beyond normal tracking adjustment - normal misadjustment of tracking tends to course vague steering/wandering or poor self-centring rather than a strong pull to one side.
Maybe you need to have a full inspection of the front suspension unless you can see something obviously bent...


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