Is it coming your way? - Dwight Van Driver
So they have given us the baseball cap, chewing gum, rap music with a capital C, dicky substances etc. etc.

Is this next?

Margate to Aberdeen this weekend anybody?

Is it coming your way? - Tomo
Afraid I'm too old and too poor!
Is it coming your way? - Wally Zebon
They've already done a European one. Don't remember the route, but most of them got arrested in Russia and had to pay huge fines/bribes (delete as applicable) before being released.

Is it coming your way? - Flat in Fifth
" Margate to Aberdeen this weekend anybody?"

You're on.

As long as you don't mind if I cruise past the multi-million gatsos on the A9/A90 [1] at 72 mph indicated, 70mph true as verified by West Mercia's measured miles . ;-)

[1] virtually all at approaches to iffy junctions though before anyone gets into a revenue gathering rant.
Is it coming your way? - Chris TD
I've got to do Aberdeen to Margate first! Engine should be warmed up by then.

Motorcycle International used to have a "Courier" section with a "Most miles in a day" prize monthly. One month a guy did Aberdeen-Southampton-Aberdeen on a wait and return job - 1500 miles odd I think but I can't remember how long it took him, other than it was less than 24 hours.

Chris TD
Is it coming your way? - Dwight Van Driver
Very interesting. None of you decry this?

Had it been some young plonkers in Novas and baseball caps, or even someone driving without Insurance then your fingers would have been tapping faster then Fred Aistairs feet with complaints.

Is it the fact that super cars and the wealthy are involved and as such it is Ok for them???

(Helicopter overhead FiF and I'm waiting)

Is it coming your way? - Rob C
Interesting that an article about Gumball 3000, refers to the film "Cannonball Run."
Have they not heard of "Gumball Rally" then? a far superior film IMO.
Is it coming your way? - Rob C
Oops, just read the full article.
Now how do I get thiis foot out of my mouth.
Is it coming your way? - Gen

Of course we don't decry it. We live in a capitalist society. We've got to give incentives to encourage people to try to maximise their own wealth. Basic economic theory. As such, one of the incentives of being rich is that such behaviour isn't irresponsible but mere recognition that laws should apply more harshly to the poor. That's why I'm more likely to go to jail for robbing a little old lady's purse with a fiver in it than the white collar fraudster who steals millions from the pensions...we should admire the capitalist streak...

I would like to know which family saloon can provide engine parts for a 200mph kit car though...I may be in the next race after all...

Is it coming your way? - HF
That's interesting Gen - and I don't feel we should necessarily admire the capitalist streak. But who in general would be viewed more badly - the person that mugs an old lady for her last fiver, or the whizz-kid who dreams up a scam that just might have worked, only he got caught?

If I had to choose, I'd nail the one that harmed the old lady, every time.
Is it coming your way? - Gen

Yes you're right of course mugging/pension fraud not a good example of what I was saying.

But here's one I come across again and again. If you do (income, VAT etc) tax fraud you will pretty likely get off if you pay up. The IR are very nice about it all really. Much more likely than no car tax. Guess which social groups do which?

Anyway neither would be nailed since the police would be doing a speed trap in the countryside...
Is it coming your way? - HF
LOL Gen, sorry, I did know you were TIC, my apologies!

I'm sure you're absolutely right about people getting away with tax fraud, if they subsequently pay up. I'm not sure though about the car tax thing, maybe I'm wrong but an awful lot of people seem to get away with this.

And of course, as you say, one social group will be found in one of these fraudulent schemes, and another in the other!

I'm sure this maddens all us wondrous law-abiding citizens at the best of times. Just sometimes I hear something that riles me a little more than normal.

And, just for the record, I can understand your frustrations about the police, but they really cannot please all of the people all of the time. I support them, and I really think that for the most part they do a great job.

Is it coming your way? - Mark (RLBS)
Is it coming your way? - Tomo
I'm all in favour of it, but there is relatively little chance of a lot of it taking place at once in the UK, to advert to the original topic.
Is it coming your way? - Nsar
Does anyone know what happened to the Burk to Burktown Bash in Aus? From memory of the documentary I saw years ago, this was 1500 miles across the outback between two dots on the map. Points were deducted for being too keen to win however and for having "a good car". The final stretch to the winning line was across a 'gator infested river, but you couldn't use the bridge...I've often thought if I won the Lottery that would be how I'd spend my time.
Is it coming your way? - Morris Ox
How about a Back Room Rally?

It would either be the swiftest circumnavigation of the M25 within the speed limit on a Monday morning, or a drive from Edinburgh to Ullapool at the height of the caravan season.

And you'd have to do it in a car which was 3-10 years old, cost less than £5k, and consumed the least fuel.
Is it coming your way? - HF
What a pity, my car's a year too old for me to qualify ;)
Is it coming your way? - Flat in Fifth
Judging by "the other" thread there would have to be a naked class it appears.
Is it coming your way? - NorthernKev {P}
Arn't America's roads less congested than British ones?
Having never been to America I have to rely on TV pictures and movies (uh oh). So long as they wern't being dangerous... Lol
150 in a decent car (Porch) with a decent driver (me ;-)) surely is better and safer than a capped muppet in a rusty Nova doing 75?
I think quite a few people would love to be able to have enough money not to worry about speeding tickets and do that run, I would!

Is it coming your way? - Daedalus
I have to admit that I thought the Koenigg car used a turboed American V8 but having had a look at the website I now see that it has one made to measure. So I am in a similar position, what was the joint they used??


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