Paintwork scratches - maru

Accidentally opened the front bonnet while the wiper is lifted up. Got a 3/4inch scratch at the edge of the bonnet. Can see the grey coat. Will it rust?

Help needed
Paintwork scratches - Dynamic Dave
Will it rust?

The grey coat is the primer, and IIRC, primer is porous - so yes it could rust. I lost count of the amount of times I opened the bonnet of my old Cavalier with the wiper arms lifted up and did exactly the same damage. As the scratch is on the edge of the bonnet you should be able to "touch-up" the paintwork with a small brush and paint of identical colour without it being too visible. Of course you'll know the "touched-up" scratch is still there, but unless you point it out to people, I bet it will hardly show, if at all.
Paintwork scratches - maru
Thanks Dave,

the colour blends it quite well, i got a silver paint and the colour is closed to the primer. cool.

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