Clio petrol pump - Harmattan
Daughter's friend brought round a 1.2 Clio S-reg today with a very noisy petrol pump. Renault dealer says £350 to replace while independent local garage says around £240. The dealer says the flow of fuel is within spec so the pump operation is OK apart from what sounds like mechanical (but plasticky) noise. It has got noisier over the last 2K miles and since he plans to p/ex or sell the car privately in a couple of months he now wants to put in a quieter replacement from a breakers. Since the pump is beneath a hatch under the rear seat on top of the tank it looks like a simple unscrew fuel lines and pump body and drop in the replacement. Is it really that easy? I've sent him off to buy a Haynes manual but does anyone have an experience of changing the Clio pump and what to watch out for?
Clio petrol pump - nikki
I have this week repaired the petrol pump/ float chamber on a 1994 Clio housed beneath the rear seat under an 200 mm circular plastic capped cover. The biggest problem was unscrewing the large retaining ring. This I did using a lever but Renault have a speciel tool with two legs which engages the indentations. After removal of the ring one had only to disconect the electrical plug and the undo the Circlips retaining the rubber hoses (mark them first) to enable the whole unit to be lifted from the tank. One can then work on it on the bench to cure the problem. I drove mine from a battery charger or the car battery could be used. Perhaps lubrication of the pumps bearing might mitigate the noise problem. Or alternatively a second hand replacement might be fitted. In may case the the job took less than two hours. Hope this is of help Nick
Clio petrol pump - Harmattan

Thanks. The car has gone 'home' after the Easter break but it sounds like he might be able to cope with a replacement on his own from your excellent description. Can you believe a Renault dealer said the pump was under the car and required removal of the petrol tank?!

Clio petrol pump - DavidHM
I don't want to be too negative but the 94 and 98S Clios are entirely different body shapes and it's not impossible that the tank will have to be removed on the later car.

Trust Mr Haynes on this one, and remember that refitting is a reversal of removal.


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