Best used car of the year - Ben {P}
Autoexpress say its a Laguna- am i missing something here!? They also rate it above the Mondeo as best family car.

Waht do people here think about it?
Best used car of the year - Blue {P}

The new Laguna's seats aren't as supportive IMO.

Can't comment on anything else though, 'cos I've never ridden in one, only sat in it in the dealers...

Can't see it handling better than the mondy though, or been cheaper to fix.

I know which one I'd rather have, and it would take an impressive first drive in the Laguna to convince me otherwise. There's gotta be a reason why there are no Laguna taxis round here...

Best used car of the year - bazza
I also read this aforementioned mag with some disbelief. But i do think that many mags tend to take things pretty much at face value. I mean, the Laguna looks sexy, so that's pretty much all that matters! I certainly wouldn't chose a car based on an article in one of the mass-market mags. They're too biased to the whims of motoring journalists who neither pay for the car in the first place nor run it long enough to evaluate the more critical factors such as reliability, dealer service satisfaction, running costs etc. The real info is in sites like these, some notable motoring columns, plus the well-managed consumer surveys like "Which". I sometimes wonder whether some mass-market motoring writers are cuddling up a bit too close to the manufacturers PR departments. What does HJ think? (Not that I categorise his good self as this!)
Best used car of the year - mlj
Totally agree. In addition, as a used buy, isn't the Mondeo a lot cheaper model for model? I've been looking at estates in the last two weeks and Lagunas are at least £2000 dearer. How does that make them a better buy? It's not as if they are a better car either from what i can see.
Best used car of the year - Ben {P}
A huge problem with the old laguna is reliability, clutches, gearboxes ,heater matrixies etc. I just wondered is the new laguna so much different and so much better. Are all the new gizmos on the new car just a ticking time bomb to go wrong, or are these things proving reliable? Anyone out there got one?

Best used car of the year - Morris Ox
The Laguna II is a nice enough car, but utterly undistinguished alongside its rivals even when new. I could understand an argument which said it was the best used 'buy' in the sense of the deal you get on a 6/12/18 month old, but what's a lower price than everyone else telling you?

As for the best used car in terms of long-term cost and reliability - absolute nonsense! Where were the Hondas, Mazdas, Toyotas, Fords, Vauxhalls etc in this survey?

The Laguna got good marks for safety (though the Swedes have been quietly suspicious about the value of the NCAP tests) but that's its sole claim to fame

Best used car of the year - jud
I consider the Laguna 2 estate car quite stunning in the looks department, but would never by one due to the appalling history of unreliability, as for being a second hand bargain buy,it should be, who wants one?
Best used car of the year - Morris Ox
Have a look at Laguna II in Car-by-Car Breakdown and then wonder which planet Autoexpress's team was on when it drew up its list...
Best used car of the year - THe Growler
...but it's French.
Best used car of the year - DavidHM
Thing is, the prices on the Laguna aren't even that low. It's a nice enough car, though nothing special, but the prices are all over the shop and long term depreciation is likely to be nothing short of abysmal once the high milers are feeding through the supermarkets and pushing the prices of newer ones down in a big way. I give it a year to 18 months before that starts happening and then today's prices will seem frankly ludicrous.

In any case, there are so many question marks over the Laguna's electrical reliability that I am bewildered as to why they'd recommend it at all. I like French cars, but the used car of the year has to be a safe, almost risk free buy with bulletproof long term residuals, excellent reliability and a good discount from new. To an extent that's asking them to square the circle but they only have to find one car that can do all of that, or most of it and I'm sure the Laguna isn't it.

Yes, I guess you could get a good deal on one, but sometimes it's possible to get stitched up like a kipper as well.
Best used car of the year - bartycrouch
Couldn't agree more, these magazines do get carried away sometimes, they seem to view change as more important than progress. It not unknown for a car for car to win a magazine award in its first year and be slagged off by the same journal two or three years down the line.

It used to be even worse when we had a lot of British cars being designed; worldbeater one day also ran the next.
Best used car of the year - madf
Magazine articles? My faith in them was destroyed when the Fiat 128 was voted Car of the Year (in around 1978?).
Piece of carp.

Anyone who trusts any journalist (car or political or otherwise) to be accurate and in possession of the facts and fair, believes in the tooth fairy:-)

Best used car of the year - Nortones2
Fiat 128: around 1970 I was a passenger in one, in Germany ( visiting the wifeys' pen-friends). Seemed pretty good then, albeit spartan. Only sold the duff ones in th UK?
Best used car of the year - Morris Ox
While I can uderstand your swipe at Car of the Year, which was in the past terribly distorted by nationalistic considerations, I think you're being more than a little harsh to characterise all journalists as intrinsically untrustworthy.

Commercial considerations influence all publications from local newspapers upwards, but one of the key factors in those considerations is having a paper or magazine which readers like - if readers don't like it, advertisers won't support it. Believe me, car companies are as much in favour of unbiased opinion as you are because if a mag with a reputation for being independently-minded talks up a car its recommendation is all the more likely to be taken seriously.

That said, mags which concentrate on new or nearly new don't define used vehicles in the same way that you or I might do. And one of the reasons for that is that garages retailing older used cars don't make huge amounts of money, don't therefore spend much on advertising...QED.

People in the know would happily spend £2-5k on an older, high-mileage used car because they know its pedigree. Most punters don't and when there's a mountain of nearly new used cars to shift (i.e., over-production of new cars) no one should be surprised when a mag which is aimed at the general reader and gets a lot of new car advertising defines a good used car as one which was ony launched as recently as 2001.

I think there are some decent mags out there, some poor ones too. There are also a lot of journalists who do a decent job but write for particular markets.
Best used car of the year - StuW
Also why would it be a good thing that there are so many "new" used lagunas about after only a year or so of being in production? Surely if it was so good the original owners would want to hang on to it not sell so soon?
Best used car of the year - Andrew-T
Ox - I'm not saying that motoring journalists necessarily write carp, but I am certain that the number of brilliant new models out there is nothing like as high as their reviews suggest. It's not often that a writer can slate a lemon as strongly as it deserves, and get away with it - at least not until it has been around for several months.
Best used car of the year - madf
If we, as the CONSUMER of magazine articles, are not being told the truth, then the writer is unworthy of being read.

Any suggestion of commercial influences changing what is written means the magazine treats CONSUMERS as mugs.

I treat magazines like that by not being a consumer of them..

Most motoring journalists write rubbish: all the talk of high powered cars as if they are usuable.. and the refusal to discuss well known brand failings .. just inexcusable in this day and age..

The best used car is one that is much cheaper than new, and is reliable and cheap to run.. So any discussions of Citroens on that list is just ruled out by their reliability record .. for a start...

Best used car of the year - Dude - {P}
Jeremy Clarkson wrote an extremely informative article in the Sunday Times recently on the very subject of freebies and perks offered to journalists, who are flown to exotic locations, wined and dined in some considerable style, and then expected to write favourable reports on a company`s latest model. Thankfully Clarkson is now established both journalistically and finacially, that he no longer needs to accept these invitations, and can write what he truly believes. His verdict on the Renault Laguna are largely unprintable, - so at the end of the day you question which companies are providing advertising revenue to these magazines, and draw your own conclusions !!!!!
Best used car of the year - Andrew-T
Maybe JC is no longer susceptible to blandishments, but even he can still only report on one or two examples of a given model, and tell you whether he likes it. I doubt that he and I like the same cars, so his opinions are of limited interest or value to me personally. Reviews of new models cannot reveal whether they are reliable, by definition. So if you must have a new model, pay your money and wait and see!
Best used car of the year - Morris Ox
To paraphrase a famous civil servant, truth is a difficult concept. All I'd say is that if you spend your life driving news cars and writing about them, your perspective is always likely to be somewhat different to that of the person who has one car and changes it every few years. Now, some mags do try to compensate for that but I'm not sure they're always successful.

Some magazines try quite hard to be consumer-oriented (What Car, for example) others almost come across as cheerleaders for certain cars or manufacturers. I've never quite got my head round the obsession with TVR at some performance magazines. Great looking, sure, awesome in a straight line...but to live with day in, day out?

I'd love to know what your favourite read is, madf, but I think you're making a sweeping generalisation to say that 'most motoring journalists write rubbish'. There are plenty of magazines which tell it exactly like it is. Car recently carried a generally favourable report on the new Jaguar XJ, but then lifted the lid on the efforts Jaguar had been going to in order to prevent comparison tests before the launch.

As for the Auto Express awards which started this thread qualify for this used car of the year awards, a car had to be 'available to buy new for at least 12 months'. This puts their definition of used into perspective.

There are some Hondas and Toyotas in there, but when I tell you that they're used 4x4 of the year was the Land Rover Discovery you can all draw your own conclusions about the somewhat short memory this particular award seems to have...
Best used car of the year - Altea Ego
OK, I have to leap to the Lagunas defence here. I have been in the fortunate position of having to choose a new company car. Having a good fleet department, I was able to get extensive test drives on all the cars in my chosen range. By extensive I mean none was less than three days, and I did no less than 200 miles in any of them. I had a primera, mondeo, laguna dci120, scenic dci, focus tdci estate all on test and went to the new vectra launch last year at millbrook and drove it there. From the outset I was minded to get another Scenic, and the Laguna was only added as an afterthought. I chose the Laguna, It turned out to be a fairly easy choice. I wont go into all the reasons for rejecting the others and choosing the Laguna unless requested. It has to be said it comes out favourably in every road test I have seen and my own experience indicates that to be fair.

So Gentlemen, If you have tried all the modern equivalents back to back and still hate the Laguna, then fair enough. If you drive a new Laguna and hate its guts then again thats fair comment. I suspect tho that most of the comments here are not based on experience or first hand knowledge.

(puts on kevlar helmet and ducks behind sandbags)
Best used car of the year - Morris Ox
As I think everyone has said, there's nowt wrong with the Laguna as a new or nearly new car; it just doesn't stahd out as being noticeably better in any particular area.

Here, we're judging used cars and the point is that Auto Express's definition of used appears to be something that's five minutes old.
Best used car of the year - Altea Ego
Ok, specifics here. Stands out in its class:

It is probably the best motorway cruiser, quiet comfortable refined.

The 1.9dci 120 power plant is a gem. smooth, and delivers its torque and power over a wider rev range than i have ever know for a diesel of this size. Powerfull and economical. Delight to drive.

It is very well equiped even at poverty level spec.

Looks, (ok subjective this) It is a classy looking piece of kit, better than mondeo, primera, vectra, et all.

Ok so there are my 4 items were it stands out as being better.

I do agree that the definition of used car does apear to be "nearly new"
Best used car of the year - TrevP
Another good point is it's NCAP result.

However, build quality and electrics reliability leave something to be desired.
Best used car of the year - stefanta
I bought a luguna, Second hand and i have to say its the most comfatable car, and has given more pleasure to drive then anyother car i have owned.
In response to the comments of Jermemy Clarkson, as a "good" motoring journilist, he loves fords and I know thats because they always give him freebies, take this example, when the Ford probe and the Vauxhall calibra where launchedm he absloutly loved the probe, and he hated the calibra with a vengence. I saw the epsiode of many probes did ford sell????.....about 2...even ford atmitted it was a mistake. the Calibra had it all on the other hand has looks. performace, and is still a good second hand by, so i take anything he sys, no matter how witty, with a pinch of salt.
Best used car of the year - stefanta
....and yes i should use a spell check before i post my messages

Best used car of the year - Morris Ox
So how come he slated the Focus RS and drove off instead in a Subaru Impreza WRX in the last series?
Best used car of the year - DBCohen
Having read some online experiences with the Laguna II, I'd steer well clear. Particularly buying a nearly new one - some of the reports of basic engineering faults are shocking. It is going to take time for Renault to really bed in the production and deal with all of those faults.

When they cost about the same as a Mondeo - and the Ford gets much more positive reviews, why would you bother?
Best used car of the year - madf
Well I read: Autoexpress and Car and Autocar.

And put bluntly: when you are buying a secondhand car you want it to be cheap to run, reliable and not cost a fortune to repair.

And if Autoexpress chose a Discovery as their best 4x4 - which they did- then frankly their journalists must have had a hidden agenda.

The long tales of woe on gearboxes, propshafts, etc etc suggest running costs and time off the road (in a garage not on fields:-) are totally unacceptable.

So I say bluntly that Autoexpress cannot have the consumer's best interests at heart- JD Power surveys etc say it all.

Best used car of the year - Morris Ox
Think this one's been answered.

Auto Express's qualifying criterion for its used awards was that a car must have been available to buy new for at least 12 months - which suggests to me that it was looking at what we might term nearly new rather than used in the tens of thousands on the clock/out of warranty age definition.

I think it's a bit dangerous to suggest Auto Express had some kind of hidden agenda where the Disco was concerned. If you're trying to suggest some kind of link with advertising the argument doesn't stand up to close inspection. And we're getting into slightly dodgy territory now anyway, so I'll leave it there on that point.

Nevertheless, I don't see how you can pass any kind of worthwhile verdict on a car's long-term performance as a used vehicle after a mere 12 months on sale.

Whatever the reasons, there are some genuinely baffling 'winners' in there. Over 12-24 months some of them might be fine, but I just can't see myself shelling out on a used Laguna two to three years from now.
Best used car of the year - midlifecrisis
As I've mentioned before, one of my relatives sells Renaults for a living. He says the only reason he drives one is because he has to. They are absolutely unreliable (his opinion). Away from the showroom, he drives his girlfriends Fiesta. He says he's sure to get home that way.

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