stalling KA - craig1293
I've got an intermitant problem with my girlfriends Ford KA. Its a 96 P reg KA1 (with power steering) with 57,000 miles on the clock. we brought it nearly 3 months ago from a dealer and over the last few weeks it has started to stall. it only does it as you come to a standstill after a staying at a constant speed (ie when leaving a motorway or dual carrageway). It does it as you depress the clutch as you to stop (5-10 mph). It always starts first turn of the key afterwards and will tick over fine, but if there is a series of round a bouts on a dual carrageway it will stall at each one.

The garage has had it in and can find no faults on the ECU error logs and cleaned some stuff out of the air box intake and adjusted the timing, but this hasn't helped.

Other than this it drives fine. The only thing that has changed is that when it was delivered, the oil level came past the max mark on the dip stick (about 50% of min - max). It has since covered 3000 miles and is down to 1/2 between min and max.

Any ideas would be greatfully received.


stalling KA - Another John H
Try cleaning inside the throttle body and butterfly valve edges.
When this was gummed up on SWMBOs car it had similar symptoms - intermittant stalling, and no fault codes.

Over-full oil may well be getting there via the breather too, contributing to the "gum".

Failing that you're probably into problems with the MAP sensor, but I'd expect an error code for that.
stalling KA - Cheeky
If it's got the 1.3 EFi engine, try getting the garage to check the potentiometer.
After pratting around for 3 consecutive months with timings, filters etc. etc. on my old Fiesta (N reg- same vintage) - this it what it turned out to be.
stalling KA - David Davies
The usual cure for this stalling condition on the KA is to renew the idle control valve (ISCV).Really easy to do on this engine.BTW adjusting the timing which you mention,simply is not possible by normal means.You would have to reprogramme the engine ECU to change it.Did your garage actually do this?
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
stalling KA - craig1293
Thanks for the ideas, it's going back in on Friday for them to have another go at it. I can't imagin that they reprogramed the ECU but I'll see if these sugestions fix it.
Any other ideas for me to put to them (or other KA problems I ought to check as it only has a week or so left on its warentee).


stalling KA - Pete F
Just cleaning the idle speed control valve often fixes this problem. A friend had this done for about £50 by a garage. If they said the timing was adjusted then they're talking rubbish. Grossly overfilled oil level does not inspire confidence either.
stalling KA - dynadavid
Hi Craig,
I have exactly the same fault on my 1997 KA- did you get it fixed?
stalling KA - Epic 80
had the same problem on my VW Polo CL. Was in fact a dirty throttle body and idle control valve. Fixed by spraying wynn's inhection system cleaner into the throttle butterfly valve.

Went back to dealers countless time, to no avail, but £5 solution applied, and no stalls since!!!
stalling KA - craig1293
Hi Dave
Yes, after 3 attemps they apear to have fixed it (That was 1 month ago and it hasn\'t repeated it). What the problem was the idle control valve (as suggested here). I hope this helps

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