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Hi there. I have a problem when on starting from cold ie the car has been left overnight to cool right down and ONLY when the outside temperature is around 7 degs C or lower.

On starting the vehicle from cold, within a few seconds the warning "Engine fault, arrange repair" orange light comes on accompanied by an audiable warning together with the service light on the left hand side of the display. As soon as the warning buzzer has finished its 3 buzzes the warning light goes out leaving only the "service" light on. This happens on tick-over, as soon as I touch the accelerator the service light goes out. The whole cycle repeats itself after a few seconds.

After about 10 minutes the problem disapears and does not reappear while the engine is warm in fact even if the outside temperature remains low even if restarting the vehicle after a few hours the fault does not reappear, only when it is left to fully cool down, say overnight.

I have had the car for c1 year (2015 plate), it has covered 42k miles, is fully serviced and does short 20 min motorway runs and to local town every day averaging 50 mpg.

The Citroen garage has replaced the fuel filter twice, the first time after the car completely dumped all the diesel over the road and wouldn’t restart on after stopping. It is currently in said garage where and apparently it showed up a fuel line code but then they couldn't find anything physically wrong. They still have it and will test it again tomorrow morning when it is cold so that they can put it on the diagnostic check when the fault is actually occurring.

Has anyone experienced this problem or have any possible idea what the problem is? Any help would be appreciated.
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I agree with your garage,

it must be tested under the right conditions,

Which can make it a little difficult to pin down.

And a "fuel line code" isn't really helpful,

there's so many variables.

Give the garage time.

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If you want my advice I'd get rid of your diesel car whilst there are still plenty of people out there daft enough to buy one, and treat yourself to a petrol instead. Modern diesels, together with ever more strict emission legislation are giving owners major headaches, not to mention expensive. What you ever hope to save in increased MPG is more than lost by the need to do more miles in order to keep the DPF clear, and in garage repair costs if you don't. For now at least petrol cars are the sensible way forward.

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Did you get to the bottom of this issue?

My C4 Grand Picasso has just developed the same fault with the same characteristics i.e. not there when warm but present when cold.

I would be interested to know the outcome in your case.

Thanks and all the best,



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