2nd hand prices - Alf
Where I wonder, do Parkers price guide get their figures from. They appear to be wildly optimistic.

My Dec95 Nreg 80k silver Rover 214SLi with FSH, good nick etc is valued at £1660 according to them! I've had it around the adverts for £1450 ono for 2 weeks now and not had a peep. Only thing I can think of is that the figure is too high despite being over £200 less than Parkers.

My question is what broadbrush percentage of the Parkers price do us mere mortals not in the motor trade have to deduct to get a realistic value when selling or buying?


2nd hand prices - Baskerville
One problem with private sales is that you have to price it at such a level that people will be bothered to come out to you--every advert says something along the lines of "good condition" and its harder to persuade people that the image of the car they have in their head is worthy of the price. Have you tried parking it up somewhere during the day with a "For Sale" sign in the window? That way people can actually look at it and may be more likely to be convinced it is worth it. Don't forget to bring it home in the evening.

2nd hand prices - googolplex
I have no experience of Parkers prices as a seller but as a buyer, I found them to be a bit hit and miss. When trying to buy locally recently, the prices Parkers said I should be getting certain cars in "showroom condition" were way under what the garages were asking. Whilst they were prepared to haggle, there was no way they were going to shift down to Parkers figures. And that was assuming the car was in top condition which was often not the case.

I found Parkers prices more realistic when going round places like the Great Trade Centre where they seemed to make much more sense.


2nd hand prices - blank
Chris is quite right. In autotrader there will be 10's of Rovers very similar to yours advertised. Your ad needs to have something that will make potential buyers ring your number first. This could be the price, condition, desirable spec...
2nd hand prices - Cheeky
Funnily enough, I've always found the opposite with Parker's. Thier prices (last year) tended to be on the stingey side...
Regarding that, if you dead set on selling in a paper, auto trader etc. look and see what similar models are selling/advertised for, and then alter yours according to mileage, colour, extras etc.

What Car? gives good advice, as does the glass guide operated by
the daily telegraph website.
2nd hand prices - DavidHM
Stupid question - I assume your car is one of the last of the old shape? Try £1150 then, because although it's newer, it's still 7+ years old and looks older than competition in similar condition with a similar life expectancy.

By December 95 you could buy a new Almera, the next shape R200/400 (essentially the same as the current 25/45), Brava/Bravo, a facelifted Astra or Escort, and so on.
2nd hand prices - looking4car
I've always wondered the same thing about Parkers

I think my question is how do they compare to what the pros have in their glasses guide ?
2nd hand prices - Andrew-T
At the end of the day you have to compete in price and condition, not with Parker's, but with the other advertisers in the publication you choose to use. Parker's makes no allowance for regional variations, for instance.
2nd hand prices - Douglas
Parkers and CAP are published by EMAP. I don't know if Haymarket and Glass's have a link up. Whatever all price guides, trade and newsagent, are GUIDES. The acid test is what it makes in a real transaction. Markets are not perfect, buyers can be mean, fickle, get carried away etc.


2nd hand prices - midlifecrisis
I regularly get a copy of CAP from a relative who works as a Renault salesman. Their prices are way under what Parkers quote. My Passat was recently quoted by Parkers as being worth over £12000 as a p/x. Best quote was £10500.
2nd hand prices - merlin
I'm thinking of buying a Primera at the moment. My impression is that Parkers prices are too low, at least compared to main dealer prices. The A1 price according to Parkers of a car I saw last week was £4680. The garage wanted £5995. I didn't bother haggling as I found some paint overspray on a headlight.

It's amazing how many second hand cars from main dealers are anything but A1. Out of the 20 odd cars I've seen so far only one hadn't had some part of its body work resprayed at some point. The one car that was clean was three years old with no service history at 22k.
2nd hand prices - king arthur
Parkers prices will be too high for unpopular models, and too low for popular ones. No, I don't know where they get the prices from, either.
2nd hand prices - Andrew-T
Often this will depend on whether the selling dealer reckons it is worth spraying the bonnet for stone chips. At 22K they probably weren't too bad and margin may have seemed too small.
2nd hand prices - merlin
IIRC the car that was otherwise clean did have bonnet stone chips. Stone chips don't bother me. That's part of normal wear and tear. It's things like colour mismatches, overspray on side windows, tides marks etc. that make me walk away. Maybe I'm being too fussy or perhaps I've been reading hj's buying a used car guide too closely and I'm seeing these things now when previously I would not have done...
2nd hand prices - Andrew-T
merlin - I tend to agree with you. It's no fun owning a used car if as soon as you get it home you notice some clumsy touch-up job. Bonnets are no problem - you can easily look underneath those. Overspray on side panels is more of a turn-off - how serious was the damage?
2nd hand prices - mark999
Sonewhere in between Glass's guide poor and average price appears to be a guide to PX valuation.
You could expect a couple of hundred quid more for a private sale.
2nd hand prices - Dave_TD
Three words about p/x valuations: cost to change.

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