Blue smoke on deceleration - Troubled Tom
Hello all,

I have been troubled with my Diesel 309 (no turbo), which starts fine, but runs lumpy and a bit smokey when cold (white smoke). It seems to smoke on deceleration (blueish smoke) but these problems disappear when warm. It doesnt seem to have used much oil in the last 500 miles (the time i have had the car). Does anyone have any ideas as to what this may be?

I have fitted new injectors and checked that there is no air in the fuel lines, changed the fuel and air filter. These seem to have helped but still very imbarrasing on short journeys to work on cold days! Please can anyone help?
Blue smoke on deceleration - Railroad
It would probably pay you to change the glow plugs. If any of them don't work it would explain why you've got white smoke and runs lumpy from cold.


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