What should she do ? - volvoman
Hi gang - as detailed in the Tech forum today, mum-in-law's N regn. Punto 60 sx Selecta has been playing up. The auto-transmission is the problem and the car has now been taken in for repairs several times in the last few weeks. The garage have told her they've fixed the problem more than once yet it has quickly reappeared on each occasion. I think she's now c. £700 worse off and the car is today back in the garage having gone wrong again on Friday. She's pretty fed up that the car hasn't been fixed and now wants to sell it and give up driving altogether but will want to get the car fixed properly before doing so to avoid hassle with any future purchaser. We both think the garage have been ripping her off but having spent so much money with them she's inclined to try and get some redress.

Has anyone got any thoughts on how best to proceed: a) with respect to claiming against the garage and b) with respect to getting the car properly sorted out prior to selling it ?

As always, any feedback very gratefully received !
What should she do ? - Vansboy
Depending on your relationship with the garage & their labour rates, they may NOT be ripping her off.
It wouldn't take many 'small' repairs, to spend £700, don't forget £100 ot that is VAT.
Worth talking properly, to the garage, check that they've done what they say they have, see if you can resolve, at no further cost to you.
Have they been trying to SAVE mum price of an exchange box, but shot themselves in the foot, doing so.Hate to think what that cost would be!
Sounds like an auction disposal of car best & only getting a few £££ for it, but no comeback on her, if the repair is not long term.A car of this age would be 'Sold as seen',so nobody's being caught out.
What should she do ? - volvoman
Thanks very much for the feedback VB. I'll pass it on to MIL. She's still waiting to hear what the garage have to say - they haven't contacted her yet so I'll keep you posted. What do you think about getting the box sorted by an auto-specialist ?

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