Alloy wheels for Astra - Tony Cooper
My son has damaged one of the alloy wheels on his 1999 Astra Sport (1.8), not his fault, of course.

Does anyone have a suggestion of where he can get a replacement other than the, presumably, expensive option of the Vauxhall dealer?

The car is a little too new for a breakers yard option I assume.
Re: Alloy wheels for Astra - John Slaughter
It always pays to check the dealer price first - don't always assume it's going to be silly!

You'll probably find that as an OE wheel it won't be available as an aftermarket item, so it's the dealer or the scrappy, but you must know the dealer price first.
Don't forget many virtually new cars end up in the scrap yard through accident, so the spares are available, but make sure they aren't accident damged.


Re: Alloy wheels for Astra - mike harvey
The car is plenty old enough for a breakers. I sold a new car to someone who had a front ender 20 yards for the dealership and wrote it off! Also, there are all those flood damaged cars from last summer somewhere, and the wheels should be ok. Try exchange and mart for breakers of late cars near you.There are also many who will have swapped the original alloys for 17" and 40 profiles by now.
Good luck
PS, it wasn't my son's fault either when he went to move my car, started it in gear, and drove into the garage flattening my Norton . Who'd have em?
Re: Alloy wheels for Astra - Ashley
There is also the option of having the wheel repaired if the damage is not to bad. It costs around 50 quid or so to have the damage repaired and the wheel resprayed or coated. Have a look in your yellow pages.


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