Renault Laguna 1 1.9dTi Cambelt - stagman
Does anyone have experience of changing the cambelt on a 1.9dti
I have just replaced mine, complete with new idler pulleys,
couple of odd things, first checked out timing marks, i.e.
crank tdc, pegged crank with timing pin in cyl. block, fuel
injector pump, ok. but noted camshaft alighment to pointer on
camcover appeared 1 notch out. Although engine running fine.
I've fitted new belt and left marks as i found them, and all still seems fine, plenty of power, no smoke, or starting problems
just seemed strange. Anyone else done this work??

I'm still a little concerned over the correct tension of belt,
I've set it able to twist belt on longest run by approx. 45 degree, same as noted before removing the old belt. Haynes manual
talks about Renault tool MOT1? Local dealer had no idea what I was talking about. Problem I have is slight whine at 1,000 rpm
which disappears above and below this speed. Is belt to tight?

Also per similar thread on Alternator recall, dealer offered
FOC. Work on fan belt and pulley, its going in soon. Suppose
noise could be in this area, but only seems apparent since belt change. Any feedback welcome.

Renault Laguna 1 1.9dTi Cambelt - Dizzy {P}

I would love to think that your forum name means that you own a Triumph Stag - or does it mean nothing as exciting as that? !!

Regarding timing belt tension, twisting the belt used to be a recognised way of checking the tension but I understand that belt manufacturers now advise very strongly against this. They say that manual checking was OK for early systems but not for today's engines.
Renault Laguna 1 1.9dTi Cambelt - stagman
So you've guessed my age from my old belt twisting techniques
I'm going to panic now and worry about resetting the belt correctly.
And yes I've got a Triumph Stag, 1973 Sapphire Blue, fitted
with Rover 3.5 V8 Goes like hell, in a straight line, but
quite an handful when pushed to limits, i've had it side ways
well almost a couple of times, I prefer the steady plod of diesels these days.

Thanks for the comments. Surely there must be some Renault
lads ot there??

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