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Hi all.

I currently have a 2013 Passat 2.0tdi and have a question with regard to the oil temperature of the car. On the motorway the temp sits at around 110°C. In town it does drop to between 103 - 107°C. If I boot it on the motorway it does rise I have had it to 121°C.

Now the reason I ask is because I have a friend who has exactly the same car and I was driving alongside him on the motorway at exactly the same speed his temperature was at 96°C mine was 110°C.I believe the normal range to be around 96°C. What could be causing the higher temperatures and is it going to cause me problems? Many thanks

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Does the Passat have an oil temperature gauge or is it the engine temperature?

121 is high suggesting either a cooling fault, or it could be a faulty temperature sensor/gauge.
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It could be a number of things, as suggested by Daveyjp a cooling system fault (oil temp is relative to coolant temp (usually about 30*C or so higher than the coolant)), excessive engine or turbo wear, wrong oil, cheap oil or just oil that is past it's best and needs changing.

120*C doesn't sound that hot to me for engine oil really.

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Volkswagen Passat B7 - Oil temperature - liam999uk

It's had a service not so long ago and I believe the oil used was fuchs titan gt1. It Just seems unusal when like I say other 2.0 tdis seem to run at a lower temperature. Maybe I'll try an oil change again and see if anything occurs.

Volkswagen Passat B7 - Oil temperature - liam999uk

It has an oil temperature gague on the mfd. The coolant temp sits at 90° and does not move. There seems to be no loss of coolant too.

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You don't say what "booting it" means. Is this one quick acceleration run or 50 in quick succession?

Either way up, assuming your temperature guage is accurate, 110C is too high for a motor way cruise. Even 96C is a touch on the high side.

As an example, my saab Aero is fitted with an oil cooler as standard. the thermostat opens at 107C.

Over 120c is bad for the oil.

First thing though is to check the temperature guage. Either fit a cheap aftermarket guage or a new sensor and see what results you get.

Volkswagen Passat B7 - Oil temperature - liam999uk

Thanks for your reply. My definition of booting it is a sustained motorway run at a high speed. I won't tell you how fast but you get the idea. Another friend of mine has a Seat Alhambra 2.0tdi albeit in 185bhp guise, did these similar speeds and his engine never went over 108°C. Something doesn't seem quite right.

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My GOlf 1.6tdi mark 7 usually hovers around 90 degrees and when pushed goes up to 100-102 degrees.

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I have the same car 2014 Passat 2.0TDI 140BHP. My oil temp on motorway cruising at say 78mph is usually between 98 and 103 on a very hot day. I have had it up to 109/110 on a hot day with a big load in the car but never anywhere near what you are saying. My fuel cons is brilliant ie up to late 50's touching almost 60 being sensible on a motorway run. Is your also good as I am suggesting you may have an injection high EGT fault. Also these periodically do a DPF regen cycle which I am not sure whether it is based on driving style or just mileage, possibly being stuck in regen could cause the high temp maybe ??


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