Wobbly Escort - Mr Moo
My 1990 Escort 1.3 (103k miles) sometimes exhibits shaking through the steering which is reminiscent of the wheels being out of balance. All is OK below 60mph but above that the shaking comes and goes. Wheels have only just been re-balanced. Extent of shaking seems to be linked to throttle position. If I keep the throttle nailed to the floor there's no shaking, but when I back off to maintain a steady cruising speed the shaking returns. Could it be anything to do with driveshafts?

Solution is to keep at or below 60mph which is good for MPG but makes the daily commute down the M5 a bit steady? Any thoughs?

Wobbly Escort - RichieW
Got the same car and had a similar problem. The shaking occurred at 60 and improved slightly in a linear fashion as speed was increased but it didn't come and go. It went away when I had the tyres replaced. Guess it was unevenly worn tyres or unbalanced wheels.

Can't you keep your foot to floor? Mine only goes up to about 90-95ish on the flat, takes ages to get there and doesn't like inclines much.

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