Tyre to rim compatibility - caspian
I've just spent all afternonn trying to find an answer to a simple technical question. I know it's out there somewhere, but I can't find it.

All I need is a simple table that tells me what range of tyre widths are sutiable for what width of rim.
I can't believe the diameter makes any difference, but for say a 6.5" rim there must be a recommended range of tyre width.

I don't suppose a 225 tyre will happily fit on a 4.5j rim, and wouldn't expect that a 155 tyre will go onto a 8" rim.

There must be a table somewhere. Anyone know please???

I've tried the 'bible' websites but my browser just gives up.

Many thanks.

Tyre to rim compatibility - Dave N
I guess the logical answer is the same width as the rim. You may come across problems getting places to fit some sizes to some rims due to the legal ramifications.
Tyre to rim compatibility - M.M
I have no idea where these came from but they were pasted into one of my vehicle tech notepages.

Tyre -- Rim Dia/Width
165/65 13" 4.5-5.5"
175/50 13" 5.5"
175/60 13" 5.5"
185/60 13" 5.5 - 6"
195/55 13" 6 - 8"
185/50 14" 5.5 - 6"
195/45 14" 6 - 8"
225/40 14" 7 - 8"
195/45 15" 6 - 7"
205/40 16" 7"

They look about right.


Tyre to rim compatibility - Richard J
From a link on tyres-online.co.uk try


very useful to make sure you don\'t alter circumference of wheel & tyre combination thereby making your speedo inacurate
Tyre to rim compatibility - caspian
Many thanks to all. I finally found what I was after at


They also say that a good rule of thumb is that tyre width * 90% is a 'right' rim width.

My current car has 195/55R15 tyres. So, I can keep my original tyres and go up to a 7" wheel. Then when the tyres need replacing I can go to 215 profile tyre on the same wheels.
I know there are a load of other things to think about, but the table on this page is exactly waht I was after. (Item number 155 in Yahoos search results!)
Tyre to rim compatibility - LHM
Most of the major tyre manufacturers will send you a copy of their publications detailing tyre dimensions if you ask them nicely - a gripping read if ever there was one (pun unfortunately intended!). These list the range of acceptable rim widths for each tyre size. There's usually one rim width which is used for determining the other tyre dimensions - section width, static loaded radius, rolling circumference etc.

Before you start questioning my reading tastes (!), I had to go through this ordeal to find a suitable replacement for some metric Michelin TRX tyres......!

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