Ford Mondeo Graphite - RickyBoy
Received the mailshot last week.

1.8 16V Duratec petrol engine (125 PS) 6-disc CD player, sporty 7-spoke alloys, unique metallic graphite paint, special edition badging plus the usual stuff.

£13,995 on-the-road for 36 months interest free = 30% deposit (35,031) plus 36 x £249.00.

Little brother can get it via his Ford Priviledge Access for £11,099 on-the-road!

Worth it or should I have 20% discount on a Volvo instead?

RickyBoy (still driving my tried and trusted '98 Octavia SLX...)
Ford Mondeo Graphite - DavidHM
For the rest of us, has it for £12495. They are a UK Ford dealer, quite near the Bridgend plant, and are probably very used to dealing with staff sales. All the usual deals would also apply.

If they can pass on their £1500 discount on top of the Privilege card, that makes it £9599, 30% deposit of £2879.70 and £186.65 per month.

Of course, the Volvo is classier and faster and will be worth more secondhand. However, even with a 20% discount off list, it works out at £6500 more than the Mondeo in my example. It's up to you but a Mondeo makes a very convincing financial case for itself.
Ford Mondeo Graphite - Wales Forester
The Graphite is essentially a rebadged 1.8LX with alloys fitted. I'd just buy a car supermarket 1.8LX and sling the seven spokes on it at a cost of £500.

Ford Mondeo Graphite - DavidHM
At those discounts, it's not worth it. (That said, I'm hoping to be able to afford a 9 month old Mondeo to replace my current car in about a year's time).

The supermarkets are doing new Mondeos for about £10.5-£11k. Add the alloys and you're very, very close in price if not actually above the deal that Ricky can have already. On top of that, it does look particularly good in grey and there's no hassle with telling your insurance company you drive a 'modified' car.

Then there's the finance; even if you have the cash in the bank, it's worth leaving it there and collecting the interest you'd receive if you take the 3 years' 0%. A 9 month old might narrowly have the financial advantage over the £11k option - assuming the used value is within £1500 of a one-owner, newer Graphite, but by so little that, for the convenience and prestige I'd pay up and buy new.
Ford Mondeo Graphite - Shortwing Rob
"Of course, the Volvo is classier"


This is a matter of opinion. It would take a lot to convince me that a Volvo has anything that could loosely be described as 'class'

But, we all differ. That's what makes the world go round (and keeps Volvo dealers in business.

Ford Mondeo Graphite - FergusTheDog
I would agree, the Volvo is nice but it's not really a class vehicle and the fit and finish isn't that different from a Ford.

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