A6 Auto - odd knock on foot brake - Nsar
My 1996 A6 2.8 auto has just just started making a very noticeable sound when I press the brake pedal before selecting a gear. It's not a clunk, a bit sharper/more metal on metal than that and comes from right under the shift.
It may be unassociated, but I also seem to hear a quiet tapping at about 4/5 times per second when idling which doesn't speed up as I add a few revs, but suddenly doubles in frequency, then drops back - definitely not the fuel pump, but it's that kind of sound, but continuous.
Had the car serviced a week or so ago and done about 200 miles since then. Car drives fine
A6 Auto - odd knock on foot brake - ian
is it your shiftlock interlock system? I can hear and feel it slightly through my selector when I press the brake in order to select drive
A6 Auto - odd knock on foot brake - Nsar
It may well be, I don't know, but it wasn't doing it Friday and is now, it's very noticeable, I suppose about as loud as someone clicking their fingers. I dropped it ito the garage which serviced it last week and they were puzzled. It's there when I have the selector in neutral and press the brake pedal as well.


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