Hmm..that '65 T-Bird - THe Growler the Classics Auction. Tempted to get someone to bid for me.
Hmm..that '65 T-Bird - Kevin

The auction estimate of £4500 looks pretty good value.

A '57 convertible with the 292 is going for $38,500 back in Austin.

Hmm..that '65 T-Bird - THe Growler
Yep but the '57 was the archetypal T-Bird, like the early Vette or the 64 1/2 'Stang. Also a rag top will fetch more. By the mid-60's they'd got a bit porky and the original concept had changed. Not Beach Boys material anymore. All the same......wind up even a stock 390 inch in Drive at the lights then let the brake off....should pee off the locals.

See the latest retro T-Bird? Got lots of the '57 styling features.

Why can't the Euros make cars that look that good.
Hmm..that '65 T-Bird - Tomo.
"Why can't the Euros make cars that look that good. "

The Japs can, when they care to; and they can make them pretty quick too!

Hmm..that '65 T-Bird - THe Growler
HJ I'm glad you said that but I wish you hadn't.......

Value my car