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Back to Black - Marc
Anyone know of a good product for blackening up bumpers that doesn't rinse off in the rain (like back to black does)

I've heard Armor All spray protectant is good, anybody used this? What do the trade use?
Re: Back to Black - Dwight Van-Driver
Try Auto Glym Bumper Care - bit pricey but it does the business....
Re: Back to Black - Marcus
Try Silicone Lubricant from Arco - It only costs a couple of quid for a massive can and it does a very good job.
Re: Back to Black - Antony
With reference to the fading red panels on cars such as my Ford escort we had a couple of weeks back, I find Back 2 Black is great for bring out the red again.
Re: Back to Black - mike harvey
Marc, try a bit of clean engine oil on a rag. You will be staggered. Oil, of course, will not wash off in the rain. I'm afraid it doesn't last for ever though............
Re: Back to Black - nick
My neighbour used to use boot polish.

Its cheap, waterproof and the right colour.

Re: Back to Black (Ikea style) - Stuart B

Is that the IKEA Boot polish, you know mix it at home yourself from the component parts acc to a set of picture instructions with the text in Swedish?

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