Audi A3 - whitewall
I keep getting conflicting info on whether a 2 year old Audi 1.8T Quatrro has better performance than the 1.8T. or was it just a case of being 4 wheel drive. What Car says the 1.8T has 150bhp and the Quattro 180bhp. Local dealer says no difference. Any thoughts?
Audi A3 - Jase
I agree with you.

1.8 T Sport = 150hp & 2wd
1.8 T Quattro = 180hp & 4wd

Guess Quattro is a bit quicker due to 30hp more, but more weight may give some of the difference back. In the wet no contest though.

Either would be very nice. Trade-Sales have new 1.8 T Sports for £13999 at the moment.
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Audi A3 - whitewall
Thanks Jase. Do you know Trade Sales? Their A3 1.8t has no radio, alarm, warrnty! At least £1000k more on the £13,999!
Audi A3 - Jase
Nope I don't know them. I was just passing on info that HJ listed in his weekly Best Offers article. Can sort of understand no radio or alarm, but no warranty. I thought there'd be at least a year! Should be 3 these days for newies.

Seek elsewhere I guess. Great Trade Centre ( has some good prices on A3s but I don't know what their reputation is like either! Some are a bit leggy aswell. Perhaps private ads is place to go? You should look on the car by car breakdown and familiarise yourself with known issue with these engines though.

Good luck in the hunt
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Audi A3 - smokie
Great Trade Centre has been discussed many times here. Pros and cons if I remember rightly. Just try searching the forum.
Audi A3 - DavidHM
No warranty would only apply if the car was originally sold outside the EU. Audi has been known to do this with German spec cars reimported from Hungary, so it is possible, but it's highly unlikely, although I guess they could have come from Cyprus or Malta.

As for no radio or alarm - well big deal frankly.

As for GTC - most of their cars are very good, but some are, sorry to say, complete dogs. Don't expect any help from the salesman in telling them apart, or much in the way of a test drive either. GTC is like buying at an auction, with a small premium to cover the cost of the extra consumer rights that you get. This suits some people, but it is cold, dark and unfriendly over there.
Audi A3 - daryld
I agree. I went to the GTC a few years back. The 'sales office' looked more like a betting shop, and the 'sales staff' looked like right growlers. Imaging taking your car back there due to some fault! Awful place. But you pays your money and takes your choice.

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