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Putting this rather delicately (not the nicest subject I know)...

On reading my local paper I seem to notice a lot of fatal crashes involving the 106 (often also involving 'clear' country roads/trees). Do people think this is because it is bought by a certain kind of driver or? Seem to be very disproportionately represented...
Pug 106 - Morris Ox
Usual story, I'd have thought, and it will never change.

Two stories on this theme to depress you all.

One concerns a young lad in my office who had two minro shunts in his car (Seat Ibiza) before finally writing it off by rolling it into a field while trying to avoid an oncoming car during an overtake. He and his girlfriend (yes, he was showing off)suffered minor injuries and he was prosecuted for one of the lesser offences (driving without due care, I think). Result was attendance at a driving course and, at the time, the eating of much humble pie.

Here we are a few months later and he has a newer Seat Ibiza (the result of his insurance settlement plus a load) now tarted up with every boy racer accessory you can think of. The other day he told me he'd been out on a Saturday evening filming his mate in a modified Impreza at 130 plus on a bypass...

Second tale came from a girl at work today one of whose friends is currently in hospital at the bedside of her boyfriend. He went out at the weekend in a rear-wheel drive convertible he'd borrowed from a friend. He has no previous experience of a rear-wheel drive car. He lost control, overturned, and crashed into a field protected by barbed wire. He is currently on a ventilator but will survive. He will need four months of reconstructive surgery on his face.

The evenings are about to get longer. In the words of the old sergeant on Hill Street Blues, be careful out there


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