VAG 1.8T vs V5 vs 20VT. Which one? - Jase
OK, narrowed next car down to one of these VAG products. Our budget will be up to max of 10k.

Audi A3 1.8T ( 150hp ideally 5 door)
Seat Toledo V5 (170Hp engine)
Seat Leon 20vt

My criteria in reaching this decision were..
1) Big enough to swap current two cars for one car only. But not too big that the wife is unhappy.
2) Must be four or five doors for possible children (gulp!)
3) Reliable and tough as we will keep it for 5 years or so.
4) Not too thirsty. No more V6s for me as the wife will use it for work and i've tired of fuelling the V6 Cav.
5) Good poke and I've always fancied one of the above engines so don't introduce others. Don't like the Skoda Octavia RS styling either!
6) No Citroen BX, Xantia or XM hijacking please!!

I would be interested in owners experiences of any of the above cars, including mpg, servicing costs, insurance costs. Good points and bad. I know about the coil problem by the way.

Thanks in advance. Will look forward to presenting results to wife!

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VAG 1.8T vs V5 vs 20VT. Which one? - CM
I always find it hard to understand why the Toledo is not more popluar. It is a good sized car and good value and think that the styling is OK.

Leon before A3 on price, but I suppose depends on residuals although I believe that the Leon is OK on this front. I have sat in the back of one (but only on a short journey) and found it OK and I am 6ft3.

A3 boot is too small for me and smaller than the Golf. Leon doesn't have a huge boot either.
VAG 1.8T vs V5 vs 20VT. Which one? - Morris Ox
Got no exeprience of the leon, but the A3 certainly doesn't stack up as a family car.
VAG 1.8T vs V5 vs 20VT. Which one? - Cardew
I have experience of the 1.8t (150bhp version) in a Golf from new to 56K miles. A brilliant engine, smooth and pulls from low revs. I averaged approx 33mph driven pretty hard, 37+ if driven gently. Only problem was a thermostat requiring replacement under warranty. Apparently not a common fault as the VW main agent said it was the first one they had replaced on that engine.

I, along with others in the Backroom, have a pretty low opinion of VW main agents. Cost about £90 for the intermediate 10K services which is really just an oil and filter change, £170 for the 20K and £240 for the 40K.

I have driven the 150bhp version of the V5 and it was not a patch on the 1.8t but I note that HJ says the 170bhp version is better.

Have you seen that Trade Sales are selling the Audi A3 1.8t for £13,999?

VAG 1.8T vs V5 vs 20VT. Which one? - Jase
Thank you all for your responses. Very helpful

I have read the C by C breakdown and am familiar with the coils issue and the timing belt issue with these motors. I would be tempted to go for a precautionary timing belt change anyway.

Overall I prefer the thought of a Leon and will be looking to buy and the end of this year.I'll be waiting for the new Leon to emerge to perhaps knock down the current model a bit.

We have a SEAT dealer along the road so I'll be introducing myself to him in a while. The question is will a budget of £10K be enough to secure me an early 2001 pre-coils car?
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