Andalucia - Nsar
This may invoke the wrath of the mods for being only partly motoring but....going on a drving hols thru Andalucia at Easter. Any recommendations for small, charming hotels suitable for us and kids (7&4) to stay for 2/3 nights at a stretch?
Whilst I'm on, of the rental quotes I've had, by far the cheapest - no connection etc, etc.
Andalucia - Andrew-T
Just got back today after a week at the Hotel Casa Grande in El Burgo, about an hour's drive NW of Malaga in hill country, right in the middle of an old village of about 2000 people. Building completely refurbished in a few years ago. No beaches within reach, but if you like walking country, great. Our holiday was arranged by Waymark, so don't know the rates 'going private'. Recommendable though.
Andalucia - T Lucas
Can,t help with your lodgings but from my own experience i will only use multinationals for car rental(Avis,Hertz etc)If you have a problem there are systems in place to help and their fleets are big enough to cope,usually their fleets are newer than independants.The price paid with a multinational maybe a little dearer but for me it is always worth it.
Andalucia - Nsar
Fair comment, the contract you get is actually with Alamo so "should be" no problems
Andalucia - terryb

Have a look at

Paradors are a chain of small hotels much like French Logis except, I think, they are state-run or at least state regulated.

Have a good time

Andalucia - Homme van Blanc
Paradores are owned by the state. They're, mostly, buildings of historic significance or situated in areas of great scenic beauty. There's a nice one overlooking the gorge at Ronda and another set in the grounds of the Al Hambra at Granada.

They are not cheap but if your pockets can run to it they are worth a visit.
Andalucia - hss41
You could also obtain the book called 'Special places to stay' by Peter Sawyer. It has small family run B&B places to stay which some also do dinner, Dine and sleep. Paradores are more expensive but very good

Andalucia - Thommo
Paradours are ALL outstandingly beautiful historic buildings, not cheap but well worth the money. Book direct with the Paradour rather than through the Madrid booking office as they are very inefficient.

For the absolute cheapest option (but most fun) drive around until you see a sign saying CAMAS (meaning literally \'there are beds\'). This is people offering rooms in their own houses. The level of trust is amazing, they give you a key to their front door and you come and go as you please plus you get to meet some very nice people.
Andalucia - Thommo
Paradore, sorry.
Andalucia - Mark (RLBS)
humour me, get just a little more motoring in here..........
Andalucia - Nsar
Fair dos....anyone know any stunning drives in that part of the world? We're starting and finishing Malaga and would definitely want to take in Granada - not looking to spend the whole week going for the "most miles in a rental" prize though. Thanks for the response so far.
Andalucia - Ellis


very reasonable and efficient, there are also humans on the other end of the phone
Andalucia - Ellis
have I missed a / or \ somewhere?

Andalucia - smokie
No, you missed two of 'em. After the : and before the www.
Andalucia - Nsar
Thanks Ellis, but I'd already booked my car. For info a 1.6 Xsara with a/c for 7 days - 214 Euros, including a charge for an extra driver. We got badly stung for this particular extra last year when booking off the Ryanair site, plus a whole load of other little extras (like airport parking - how is that an extra for a rental office based an airport)that made the actual rental cost a rip-off in my view. I would never click through from a airline site for rental again.
Andalucia - Carole
>anyone know any stunning drives in that part of the world?

Try driving to Ronda, a windy mountain route but well worth it, for the drive and the destination. Sort of hang a right off the motorway and head towards Mijas, if I remember correctly, but there may be a faster route than that. Granada is well worth a visit, and so is Seville. Enjoy.


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