Street Ka. - DWR
Just had a wander round a large Ford showroom up the road.

Having seen a neat silver Street Ka on alloys with a chrome tube roll bar I'm well impressed.

They're not going to sell many Audi TTs now you can get the Ka for £13K are they?

Street Ka. - Dan J
They're not going to sell many Audi TTs now you can
get the Ka for £13K are they?

Ford are getting this market sown up aren't they? Not sure the Street Ka and TT are competing but throw in the Mazda RX8 and VW Audi can take a running jump...
Street Ka. - Morris Ox
I presume there was a bit of irony in here.

£13k for a cut down Fiesta chassis with the usual Ford lump and a few cosmetic odds and s**s.

Now just think about this. Who saw who coming?
Street Ka. - Nsar
Seems pretty sound - how many TTs get to go above 40mph or use their handling? Both just flashy city poseurs cars. The difference in price will buy an awful lot of sessions down the tanning studio
Street Ka. - Morris Ox
Posuers indeed. I just cannot believe anyone would want to shell out thirteen thousand pounds on a Fiesta!?*
Street Ka. - Morris Ox
Misspelt poseurs.

On second thoughts, may be I got it right.
Street Ka. - DWR
Spot on Nsar.

My coments were partly prompted by my trip to Sainsburys after the Ford dealers where I saw 4 silver TT convertibles in their natural habitat...

Top down and nipping out from the office to supermarket for a pack of prawn sarnies and FHM magazine!

The change, if the Ka was purchased, would leave plenty for the sarnies and mags.

Street Ka. - Obsolete
They're not going to sell many Audi TTs now you can get the Ka for £13K are they?
You are comparing oranges with, ermmm, lemons. Well, you know what I mean. You could just as well say that the Ford Mondeo will kill off the Audi A4. A better comparison is a rag top MGF and the Street Ka. Both same price bracket, both fun cars, both rag tops. I suspect it might be popular with the girlies. Actually I rather like it but I'm not sure I could cope with 2 seats. I saw one today and it was getting a few looks. If it drives as well as the Ka, with more power, then it should do okay.
Street Ka. - bartycrouch
A very nice gentleman with a new TT was in front of me on my Friday morning commute. Obviously keen to show off this automotive work of art, he drove at a steady 30 MPH (irrespective of the true speed limit) in order to allow onlookers to take in its full beauty.

I was, indeed, impressed by the rear detailing of this design icon as I crawled along behind him for five miles as I waited for a safe opportunity to overtake.

I doubt very much if the owners of Street Ka's will be so generous.

Street Ka. - Rob C
The rear detailing was added after the TT started to kill people.
Street Ka. - Morris Ox
I'd be a bit careful with that one, guys. Nothing was ever proved, no admission ever made.
Street Ka. - Rob C
Yes very true, and wise advice.
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