BMW 320d feedback - Morris Ox
Anybody got any direct experience of the BMW 320d?

My retired old man currently has a Passat TDi which he's thinking of swapping, doesn't need performance but likes the idea of something well-built and long-lasting. He may also want an auto.

Definitely has to be diesel.
BMW 320d feedback - Dude - {P}
I don`t know how much he wants to spend, but the 320d auto was only available with the 150 bhp engine which was introduced in the Autumn of 2001. Having driven both I would definitely go for the manual, which has better performance and fuel economy (this was H.J`s opinion as well). The build quality is superb, and if your Dad buys one, he will not be disappointed !!
BMW 320d feedback - Morris Ox
When I say he may also want an auto, I'm reflecting the views of a passenger who wonders how you can get into fifth within 200 yards of driving off.

The passenger is me!

Wots yr economy like? Dad loves to think he's saving a fortune on juice.
BMW 320d feedback - TrevP
"a passenger who wonders how you can get into fifth within 200 yards of driving off."

As much as 200 yards?

It is such use of gears that illustrate my opinion

"Most drivers in the UK would be better off with autos"
BMW 320d feedback - Morris Ox
Couldn't agree more, but when I try to point this out all I get is a reply along the lines of 'Well, I'll drive the way that works for me, thank you, it's not doing any harm.'

BMW 320d feedback - Oz
Mine is a Y-reg (i.e. pre common rail injection). I couldn't be more pleased.
Totally reliable. Build quality superb. After 38k miles, looks like new and feels like it's just run in.
Great performance (as and when I choose to use it). Even better obviously if chipped which mine isn't, yet.
Currently on mainly short runs my MPG is 'down' to around 46, but if I drive softly-softly (motorway cruising) it's in the high 50's. When this was my main mode of driving I routinely got 700 miles per tank.
Insurance through BMW Financial Services was £336 2 months ago. Servicing is at about 15k mile intervals and hasn't been exorbitant - as yet ;-)
Low CO2 emissions means a £25 saving on Tax.
Oz (as was)

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