Coil packs - number67
have VW sorted their coil pack problems out?

I read a review of a Cupra R yesterday and that had 2 replaced already - I was previously under the impression that they'd sorted it - but that there was a huge backlog of customers waiting for the new replacements.
Coil packs - Grey Pete
US have issued a recall on all affected vehicles and when supply situation gets better, I believe UK will do the same or at the very least, not argue about replacing the lot if any give trouble. VW took my year old Passat in for a coil check, and found all ok, when I told then of my concern as I am off to scandinavia next week. Makes a change for a manufacturer to own up to a problem and offer a fix without argument.
Coil packs - TrevP
VW are replacing them at "next service" - that's what they did with my Audi.
Coil packs - vw_nightmare
Hi, Fellow VW & Audi Sufferers! - VORSPRUNG DURCH KAPUT! Excuse my excitement, but I have just been directed to this site, and it is comforting to find even more fellow victims! But listen, there is no need to suffer in silence - I am forming an action group (as yet unnamed, but maybe The VW Sufferers Group - motto: One mile at a time. . .) to get maximum publicity for our misery. I want to shame VW into giving us all - at the very least - extended warranties. . . and having battled VW as an individual (as no doubt we all have) over the last few months I know we will only achieve that aim if we unite into a newsworthy force. I have only scratched the surface of this problem in the last few days, but already have 21 fellow sufferers raring to go. Join us, and who knows what mountains we might move. . .

The very first national newspaper journalist I spoke to, by the way, said that his own sister has a virtually brand new Audi (I think an A6) that has been sitting in the garage for six weeks while she awaits repairs.

Personally, I am at the end of my tether with my VW V5, bought brand new less than 12 months ago as a school-runabout in the mistaken belief that the brand was reliable. Now all I want to do is to keep the engine warning light off long enough to be able to drive it to a decent dealership for a trade-in.

This car now has to be booked in for its sixth engine overhaul in recent months (6 coils, 3 lamda probes - sometimes it has had to be garaged for four weeks at a go). . . this time, I collected it from the dealer last Friday (16 May), and got the engine warning light again last night (Tuesday 20 May) after just 75 miles. Is this a record?

I have been in almost daily contact with VW UK over the last few months, and as a goodwill gesture was finally offered £250 off the list price of a new VW should I choose to get rid of this one and buy another. Hmmm, tempting, but, no. . .

Come on, guys - to the barricades! Together we can do this - and with the right publicity maybe save many thousands of innocent people from the anguish and frustration of VW & Audi ownership.

Drop me an email at and I will get back to you. I would especially like to know if you have scored any victories, whether you have any tips to share, whether you forged any helpful contacts with the media or moles within VW.

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