Vibrating steering wheel. - dan
I have a 480 volvo that has just been lowered with Leda adjustable suspension, 'new' larger front brakes and 'new' rims with 4 brand new BF goodrich tyres.

I now have a vibrating steering wheel at over 50 mph (well it wiggles very subtlely). I suspect that the tyres were not balanced (long story) but given how much has changed, do l need to consider other possibilities when l put the car in? Should l get the tracking looked at etc..??

It was absolutely flawless pre-op , so l seriously doubt that this vibration could suddenly be something to do with a worn bearing, track rod etc...

Vibrating steering wheel. - Peter D
It is probably just wheel balance but you will need the tracking checked/adjusted anyway as you has altered the rack to wheel relationship. And yes a slight out of balance can excite a worn part like a track rod end. Good Luck Peter

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