Volvo s60 - number67
Not quite the car I asked about last time but...

I've seen;
2.0T SE 52 reg choice of pre-reg'd for £18k-manual and £19k-auto
as above 02 reg 10k £16k again choice (man & auto)
both these at Volvo main dealers
Also I notice 'on here' 03 Reg for £19k manual.

They seem good value compared to A4's and BMW's.
The SE spec all get leather interiors and decent spec (180bhp too).

I presume the dealers with pre-reg 52 plate ones will be getting pretty keen to move them on - are they a good deal? - I guess depreciation will be greater than BM and Audi - but they cost less and are better equipped in the first place.

Are they a good buy? / good car? would a similar spec D5 models really worth the extra 3k - that's a lot of fuel! personally I prefer manuals - but I've sure I've read some criticism od the vovo maual box -true?
Volvo s60 - Morris Ox
Very smooth, excellent seats, perky performance, but a rung below a 3 series in terms of handling finesse (if that matters to you). Refreshing styling, not huge in the back. D5s very smooth and still decent performance. Overall more cruiser than bruiser.

Perfect antidote to antiseptic Audis, brash BMWs.
Volvo s60 - SjB {P}
>>> Perfect antidote to antiseptic Audis, brash BMWs. <<<

Nicely stated, and to combine the two (even though it breaks your 'initial letter' theme), "Antiseptic *and* brash Mercs", too.

All reasons why I too purchased a Volvo.

As previous threads on HJ will show, I went for the V70 instead of the S60 because of the lack of rear cabin space, and agree with Morris Ox's other comments. They apply equally well to the V70. Both also come with fabulous sound systems.

My Brother has just purchased a V70 D5 auto, and on return from a long, very hilly, journey proclaimed that it's got more grunt than a herd of pigs (with 50MPG)!

Although my 2.4T manual is much quicker off the mark, I'm looking forward to seeing how I run against his D5 auto on the motorway. Not a lot in it is my guess (or a rude awakening may be?)
Volvo s60 - SjB {P}
>>> Although my 2.4T manual is much quicker off the mark, I'm looking forward to seeing how I run against his D5 auto on the motorway. Not a lot in it is my guess (or a rude awakening may be?) <<<

On reading back what I just posted, to clarify, I'm not interested in top speed, but real world acceleration between, say, 50 and 70 MPH and 70 and 90 MPH in different gears.
Volvo s60 - number67
So you like the manual then SjB?

I was impressed with the interior - seats in particular - it didn't look massively roomy in the back - and due to that long sweeping roofline the boot opening looks a little tight. I like the V70 too- bit of a premium to pay, however seeing as I haven't got 3 kids and 2 dogs - the saloon would probably suffice.

Be interesting to see the prices of the new v50 - which should be out later this year I hear. A bit less dog carrying capacity though!
Volvo s60 - Steve S
Good choices the 2.4T and the D5. If you were interested in an auto, the 2.4T is a great match for the box. I think you will find that HJ liked it when he road tested it.
Volvo s60 - Morris Ox
Drifting off course here, but V70 D5 auto is my kind of just-about-perfect transport. Quiet, smooth, torquey,unbelievably comfortable, non-German but still distinctive styling, very practical...need I say more?

Yes. Someone buy me one.
Volvo s60 - volvod5_dude
I'm on my third V70 all had manual box's. I have found them excellent very smooth with no problems. I used to drive artics for a while afew years ago and Volvo truck gearboxes were always superior to the rest. I have a D5 at the moment changed from a 2.4T last year and the in gear performance of the D5 is not that far behind, in fact the D5 produces more torque than the 2.4T and even the T5 so its very powerful at lower revs.

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