Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - swifty
Am currently thinking of buying a Corolla Verso and having had the showroom chat with my local dealer, which involved all the usual "let me show you just how small our profit margin is on that car" rubbish (£600!!!), was very impressed with the quote from ukcarbrokers.

I'm always a little sceptical of these things and was wondering if anyone has had experience or feedback from happy customers.
Especially since having said no part exchanges, they are now saying that my local dealer will do the part ex as well!!

Sounds too good to be true????

According to them I'll be dealing with my local Toyota dealer anyway so how does that work and who am I buying it from since I can only imagine an unhappy local dealer who 3 days ago wouldn't budge off full retail price!!


Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - Canon Fodder

I'm using them Steve - it's run a chap called Kevin Overton.

I phoned up and discussed my requirements and the price and then confirmed the order. An hour later the VW garage called me and re-confirmed everything. I phoned them back on the main number - just to check it really was the VW garage - and paid a £500 deposit, with the rest on collection in about 3 weeks time.

I've been dealing with the fleet sales dept. of this particular VW garage.

All in all it is as good as it looks - 15% discount with no haggling or BS. I didn't have a PX so i can't comment there.

Canon Fodder.
Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - davo
Interesting, what have you bought, 15% is more than a good deal, especially on a VW. Is the dealer fairly local, were there any restrictions on spec or colour?
Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - Canon Fodder

It's a polo 1.2e 65bhp. The dealer is in Wolverhampton - not local but not too bad - I'll just get the train up on the day.

No restrictions whatsoever - I had 3 factory options and 2 dealer fit options and that was no problem as the car is built to order - 8 week wait - it couldn't be easier. Even if the discount wasn't so good I'd still use them just for the ease of use factor.
Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - moyra
Him indoors and I have just ordered a VW Passat through ukcarbrokers. So far so good (touch wood).

I called them, they asked what I wanted, what spec and colour. Within an hour a VW dealership (in north London, I live in Surrey) had called me back. He asked what colour I had in mind. I gave him a couple of options and he called me back within 30 mins and told me how long I would have to wait for each colour.

We paid our £500 deposit next day and he posted me a sales form for me to check and sign.

If I'd wanted a silver Passat I could have had one the next week, because I asked for dark grey I've got to wait 3 weeks (one and half to go).

So far I've got no complaints and hopefully that'll continue.

Good luck

Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - jd

I was thinking of using UK carbrokers after my local Nissan dealer wouldn't budge off the price of a new X-Trail, or not to any significant level. UK Carbrokers could only offer really long deliveries (imports ??) with only 5% discount.

On the off-chance, I popped into another Nissan dealer while out and about in another town (30 miles away), sate down with the salesman and thrashed a deal out that ended up around 9% discount, 500 quids worth of extras and a reasonabole px on mine....... good result.

Only trouble now is that I will have to go back into my local dealer for servicing, parts etc. so I am expecting a few frowns from the salesman there.


Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - swifty
Thanks folks for your answers...

It sounds like there are no real issues except possibly the small inconvenience of not buying the car from the dealer right on your doorstep. I might be lucky, I'll check that?

They're certainly quoting me about £2000 less than the dealer's salesman and got the dealer to agree the same PX price so I can't really fault it.

Thanks again,

Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - nig
I'ver ordered a vehicle for delivery to home address on a car transporter, Paid £500 deposit. Would like to know if anyone has ordered on a similar basis and if so how final payment was made.
Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - Welliesorter
I ordered my Fabia from ukcarbroker although they don't seem to offer Skoda any more. Their involvement was minimal: they just phoned to confirm my order and the rest was done by the dealer. I paid a deposit by credit card (having used a combination of caller display and the web to check that the caller was from a genuine dealer) and the balance as a building society cheque when I received the car. Doorstep delivery was supposed to be part of the deal but in the event the dealer sent a car to collect me!

I saved over £600 and my only minor whinge was that there may not have been enough fuel in the car to get me home.

I'd echo the reply that the only real risk is that the dealer may not be local.
Anyone used ukcarbrokers? - Reggie
I bought the C3 from UK Carbrokers. Excellent service.

As with everyone else, I told them what I wanted. Later that day a Citroen main dealer rang me back. I placed my order with a £500 deposit.

The final payment was sent to them by cheque about one week before delivery, although if I remember correctly, I could have presented a Building Society cheque to the driver on delivery.

Delivery was arranged to my door for March 1st (new 03 reg) and the car turned up at 0830hrs that morning on a trailer with the car having done about 3 miles.

I sold my 206cc privately and was more than £1800 better off than the deal that my local dealer could offer.

I now take it to my (other) local dealer in Harrogate who is more than happy to do the first service and the one recall repair.

The car is UK sourced and carries all that goes with it.

I am very pleased with my decision to deal with UK carbrokers, and the service that I got.



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