Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - BigBoab
Unfortunately my new job requires an one and a half hour (each way) motorway commute which I don't think my 14 year old Saab 900 could cope with. It's started to show it's age recently and something new seems to go wrong each month so I've decided to flog it.

Anyhow, I don't want to splash the cash as the job is a short-term contract so budget is limited to about £3k. Probably opt for a diesel for economy reasons. Current thinking is a Citreon Xsara as they're fairly cheap and the local specialist is just round the corner and a dealer about a mile away. Any other suggestions?
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - BigBoab
Sorry, meant Xantia not Xsara!! Got confused (again!).
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - Pugugly {P}
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - LHM
You could do far worse than a post-95 Citroen XM 2.1TD automatic. Saloons very versatile and capacious - and quite a bit cheaper than the estates.
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - No Do$h
You could do far worse than a post-95 Citroen XM 2.1TD

How? Buy a space hopper?
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - BigBoab
Post-95 XM will be a MKII with the electrical problems sorted?
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - No Do$h
Would it be reasonable to suggest you may not keep the car for long as it's a short term contract? Or are you after a "keeper"?
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - Morris Ox
You can do much better than an XM, especially an auto. Hydractive suspension, plus auto box, plus Citroen equals a car which costs much more than you think. It's an appealing design but an impractical choice.

Don't look beyond the usual suspects at that price unless you're thinking of paying £3k plus lord knows how much in bills. Mondeos, Vectras, late Cavaliers, Hondas or Toyotas are where it's at if you want value for money plus day-in, day-out reliability.
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - BigBoab
Probably a 'keeper' rather than a disposable motor. Forgot about the hydractive suspension; do Xantia's have the Hydractive suspension or are they sensible?
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - No Do$h
Agree with late Cavalier (not early Vectras, too many \"issues\") and Honda Accords are proving to be remarkably good value for money. Don\'t ignore the Primera.

I ask about \"keeper\" or not as this may influence your decision on residuals. Out of the above, the Accord is probably the best bet on residuals (and a 96 onwards 1.8 will give reasonable mpg and most of the depreciation will be behind it). Mondeos at £3k are two a penny so you could find something reasonable, but avoid the TD like the plague. Primeras handle superbly and are pretty well equiped. You will get a lot of Primera for your money.

Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - blank
When I was looking for a car to do 25k miles a year, I asked my mate, who works for Honda, about Accords of the age you'll be looking at, because they looked great value. I still remember word-for-word what he said,"Dull, dreary but b***** reliable." I think this was a totally fair assessment. The Coupes and possibly estates (can't remember to be sure) are built in USA and are totally different cars from the saloons, much higher insurance and more difficult for spares. I'd avoid.

I ended up buying a Mondeo by the way, which is great. My other preference was for a Primera, which I'd enjoyed as a Co. car in a previous life. Mondeos far more common tho.

I'd disagree about avoiding Mondeo TD's. They are far from new-tech, but seem to last well and be quite reliable. I've driven a few for long distances and once up to speed they're not bad at all. Airport taxi man I use occasionally has one and it was at 280000 last time I travelled with him and he's well pleased.

Hope this is of some help

ps. All that I'd avoid like the plague is anything French or Italian - overcomplicated and unreliable. However, the best motorway mile-muncher I drove was my 1996 company Laguna, when it worked!
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - doug_523i
There's loads of taxi Xantias, if they were unreliable they'd avoid them like the plague, the same goes for TD Mondeos. I do an hour-ish a day in my petrol Xantia, when the bike is off the road, and it's been fine, 33mpg. I bought with 92,000 on the clock and it's now at 111,000. My old BX was very reliable at 147,000, it was the regularly breaking clutch cables that made me sell it.
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - RichardW
Go with your instincts, buy the Xantia.... I bought mine at the beginning of Nov (95TD with 72k miles) for £1450. Have put 8k miles on it since - had to have a new wheel bearing a couple of weeks ago, but apart from that not a murmur from it (death knell now sounding loudly in the background). It's comfortable, economical, fast enough (most of the time!), handles better than most other cars I have driven (including Foci that are supposed to be the bench mark), very very quiet (I haven't quite got used to driving a car that doesn't have any squeaks or rattles), has the best (hydropneumatic) ride for motorway cruising. Avoid anything that doesn't feel right, and has hydractive suspension (button by the handbrake), and you're laughing.

No, on second thoughts buy one of those boring mainstream motors, and leave the cheap Xantias for me.... :-))))

3k might even get you an HDi at a push....

Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - blank
Sorry Doug, but surely a car whcih regularly breaks clutch cables is unreliable?
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - doug_523i
It started to break them towards the end, after I'd had the clutch renewed, it ended up pulling the cable holder out, the other side of the firewall from the pedals. I should have complained to the garage, but I was fed up and fancied a change. I had 30,000 trouble-free miles from it.
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - terryb
Sorry guys, I have to disagree with the knockers. I've had two of these and never had a moment's problem with them. Cit's magic carpet ride makes the motorway miles fly by and 2.1 TD is very economical.

Suspension isn't hydractive, just normal Cit oleohydraulic stuff - the same as any Xantia in the price range.

Rob Govier bought one and (I think) is still enjoying it.

Any costs from an independent specialist will be cheaper than the likes of Vx will throw at you.

Go for it!

Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - Ben {P}
I have a 97R Mondeo GLX 2.0ltr for sale. The car has done 62k miles, has full main dealer history (last service 60k), alloys, and one previous owner. 6 months Tax and MOT. Excellent condition, bar a couple of small stone chips on the bonnet. Very similar to HJ's. I have had the car about three weeks, but I am having to sell due to not being able to afford the insurance since loosing my job, i am 22. E-mail if you are intersted. I havent put the car in Autotrader just yet.

Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - Andy22
i tell you what, your spoilt for choice here!

i want to sell my 98(S) pug 406 1.9tdlx for about £2900

126K on the clock with recent cambelt, discs and pads, full new exhaust, 4 tyres (all the consumables really).

ex company car too so spotless if your interested i live in Newcastle.
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - BigBoab
Sorry lads, need to sell the Saab before purchasing a new motor. Thanks for the offers though.
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - CM
French TDs, or if you really don't mind non-turbo ones although I couldn't live with one
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - No Do$h
I see the first rule of the backroom has been applied.

"Whenever 2 or 3 shall gather and discuss reliable cars, those that worship all things Citroen shall be found to follow"

Likewise rule 2

"Diesel is good. Or bad. Depends on your viewpoint really"

I still think a Primera or Accord will serve you admirably.
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - RichardW

"Whenever 2 or 3 shall gather and discuss reliable cars, those that worship all things Citroen shall be found to follow"

ROTFLMAO!!!! Why deny what is true though.....???

At the end of the day there are good un's and bad un's of almost all modern cars, and any car will suit Big Boab's brief - and whatever we say he will choose whatever suits his style / wallet / feelings on the day.

Me, I just like things that go up and down on command....

Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - No Do$h
Me, I just like things that go up and down on

At the tender age of 17 I was offered a GS and fell for it on that point alone. Then I drove it and found the clutch to be slipping. One 'phonecall to a local Citroen specialist for a quote and I was put off that one!
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - Glutton
If you like the idea of a Honda Accord, consider the Rover 600. Very dull, very solid, and eats up the miles comfortably. Just steer clear of the Rover engined versions.

Had mine a year and a half before "downsizing" (no longer needed a big car) and it drove incredibly well, wasn't outrageous to service (nothing went wrong) and I wasn't hammered on depreciation as they have already "fallen out of bed".

Should be able to pick up an excellent example in your price range
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - M.M

Interesting the way folks reply to these queries with what they would have themselves not what fits your spec.

Your old car is worth buttons and you are on a budget but you fancy something interesting and have mentioned a leaning towards the Xantia. You want it to cruise well and at minimal cost.

Absolutely no need to pay £3000 for what you want these days.

I'd say get the Saab in the local paper for £xxx then go out looking at £2000 Xantia LX/SX TDs and Mondeo TDs. Aim to pay about £1600-£1700 for those asking £2000 and keep £500 in your pocket for a decent service, cambelt and a couple of tyres.

Test drive a Xantia and a Mondeo in this price range... then buy the one that feels smooth, refined, well built and doesn't rust.

You'll enjoy your choice.


Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - Steve G
If your current car is a Saab I expect the thought of buying something like a Vauxhall/Ford is painful !
Sadly the newer Saab's 9-3,9-5 are out of your price range but if you would still like to drive something a bit 'quirky' how about a Alfa Romeo 155 ?
Go for the 2.0 Twin Spark (33MPG) and you will find £3k will easily buy a P/R plate example with sensible mileage.
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - Gregory
The laws of buying a car:

1. Horses for courses
2. Never generalise from one happy owner to every car
3. Do your homework (thorough)

Read some peoples comments of every car: www.c********.org

4. Get a quote on parts and labour of parts that may need replacing i.e. clutch, brakes etc. Can you afford it???
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - No Do$h
Interesting the way folks reply to these queries with what they
would have themselves not what fits your spec.

Ah, well that will make the backroom easier. Next time someone says "I'm thinking of a Xyz Gti TD" we can all just nod and say "buy the Xyz Gti TD".

Why am I getting the feeling that I've walked into an episode of the Stepford Motorists?
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - M.M

Similar here before I was truly dedicated...

Owned a newish GS Pallas many years ago but after just a few months one driveshaft sheared from the transmission without warning. We got it towed to the nearest Citroen dealer and shoved the keys plus a note through the letter box.

I was forced into getting them to do it but the bill was so high I looked around while they were waiting for parts and drove it almost straight back from the repair to trade-in for a Triumph 2000 (yes it was a long time ago).

Wasn't too long before I'd sold the Triumph and bought a CX though!

Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - blank
Some people are gluttons for punishment!!
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - Micky
2.0 petrol Mondeo
Cheap motorway mile munchers!!! - BigBoab
Thanks guys. Food for thought. Local Saab specialist has a few Saab 9000s which are well within budget and he'd probably take the 900 as a trade in. I'll have a chat with him and let you know how I get on.



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